Medical Office Assistant Job in Canada: Qualification, Salary and Career Options


A Medical Office Assistant (MOA) is on the front lines of the healthcare industry, interacting with patients as well as conducting administrative tasks.

Medical office administration is a rewarding career that ensures the efficient running of any healthcare institution. If you are interested in joining the healthcare sector but lack the related background, a medical office assistant career might be for you. 

As a Medical Office Assistant, you oversee multiple aspects of initial patient care and facility management such as collecting patient information, monitoring patient data, contacting insurance companies, organizing appointments, moving patients for medical treatments, maintaining medical inventories, and so on. You will work in various healthcare settings such as medical clinics, doctors’ offices, hospitals, long-term care facilities, and other medical office environments.

If this is a job you have an interest in, then read this blog further to get a complete understanding of the Medical Office Administration career!

Educational Qualification You Need to Become a MOA

Once you have decided to pursue the Medical Office Assistant career the first place to start is by joining a Medical Office Administration post-secondary program in an accredited institution. Most MOA programs take about a year and some may even offer hands-on experience during the training period.

The program curriculum must involve job functions and skills that a medical office assistant would need within the workplace such as:

  • Appointments and scheduling
  • Clinical and medical procedures
  • Medical terminologies
  • Stress management
  • Medical office software
  • Patient registration and record maintenance
  • Patient insurance and other claim forms
  • OHIP billing
  • Initiate and maintain confidential medical files and records
  • Order supplies and maintains inventory
  • Establish and maintain office procedures and routines

The majority of employment openings will require at least a related diploma or certificate level education. It will be in your best interest to look for a college or institution that supports graduates with job assistance and co-op placement after studying the program. This can help you in resume preparation, hidden job openings, interview training and networking opportunities with industry experts.

After deciding on the program and institution of your interest, get started as soon as possible. With the increasing demand for healthcare workers in Canada, especially Ontario, you will be qualified to apply for various job openings in less than a year and may start a career as soon as you graduate. 

Salary or Wage of a Medical Office Assistant

The average salary of a registered Medical Office Assistant ranges from $43k to $46k per annum in Ontario. The starting wages of an MOA can be $15 to $16 per hour and can go as high as 32  with an average coming to $22 per hour. Medical assistants have a promising future with the increasing number of hospitals, medical provider offices, and patient demand in the healthcare sector which will result in job growth over the next 10 years.

Medical Office Administration Jobs

In the field of medical office administration, there are a variety of options with the majority falling under beginner roles such as reception, office, or administrative assistant professions. As you gain experience you will advance to the roles of team leads, supervisors and managers. As each role requires knowledge in specific tasks it is important to be a constant learner in this field.

Medical Office Administrators can work as:

  1. Admissions clerks
  2. Hospital unit managers
  3. Transcriptionists
  4. Medical office assistants
  5. Records managers
  6. Billing clerks
  7. Medical coders

Medical office assistants operate in a variety of settings in the medical field such as long-term care facilities, hospitals, surgical centers, doctor’s offices, dental clinics, college or university health centres, public and private insurance companies, and health software companies. You can go straight into the workforce after completing your college degree and have the right credentials. The increased demand for medical office assistants and related talents across a wide range of healthcare settings allows you to work in the medical setting of your choice.

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