Psychedelics Science and Medical Application

Live Session

  • Time: 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Level of Training: Intermediate | Beginner | Expert
  • Mode of Delivery: Live, Interactive and Instructor-led
  • Fee: $995

Both Online and OnCampus training is available

Program Overview

The course starts from the ground up in our explorations of psychedelics. What are psychedelics? Where did the term come from? We’ll discuss various types of substances and how they are characterized based on their structure and function. A trip back in time will give you a broad view of the rich and extensive history of plant medicines. For millennia, cultures have been shaped by mind-altering compounds, and the modern world is now once again in pursuit to incorporate psychedelics into society for medicinal and spiritual purposes. 

This history of psychedelics is as rich and complex as the studies being conducted today. From their use in indigenous ceremonies to early research, these substances have been both revered and feared. 

For thousands of years humans have ingested psychoactive mushrooms in various contexts for healing and spiritual purposes. Psilocybin, the active ingredient in “magic mushrooms”, is now being tested in clinical trials as treatment for depression, alcohol use disorders, nicotine dependence, eating disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, cluster and migraine headaches, and anxiety related to life-threatening illnesses.

This courses and its modules will provide a comprehensive summary of the Dealer’s licensing requirements, pharmacology and effects of psilocybin and other psychedelics., how they work in the brain, and why individual have sensory perceptual shifts. Candidate will be knowledgeable on protocols, safety and efficacy results, study participant accounts, and potential risks in both medical and non-medical settings. Designed by leading psychedelic researchers and medical professionals, this course offers a balanced and unbiased presentation of the effects and safety of psilocybin.

Course Highlights

  • Exploring Psychedelics: Discovery, Research & Effects
  • Psychedelics Licensing and Regulatory Requirements
  • Controlled Substance, Dealer’s License.
  • Understanding Psilocybin: Effects, Neurobiology, and Therapeutic Approaches
  • Start with the basics and grow your proficiency of psychedelic terms and history in our introductory course. We’ll break down common myths with science-backed facts and take a look at how research is advancing innovative psychedelic treatments.
  • Considering taking a psychedelic substance? Harm reduction course to learn what to expect and how to maximize safety. You’ll hear tips for best practices and integration, and ways to get support after a challenging experience.


  • Describe psychedelic terminology through various characterizations.
  • Discuss cultural and historical uses of plant medicines and current psychedelic research.
  • List the range of disciplines where psychedelic research is applicable.

Course Includes

  • Duration: 16 hours
  • Interactive eLearning modules with narration
  • Shared research from psychedelic therapists, medical doctors, researchers, and neuroscientists
  • Animations and detailed graphics of complex topics
  • Knowledge checks throughout the course
  • Assignments to further advancement your knowledge and comprehension
  • Downloadable reference lists with cited publications and links
  • Downloadable resources documents with suggested videos, books, articles, and websites

Additional Program Info

  • Program Module
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Who Should Attend
  • Job Opportunities

Program Module

Module 1

Psychedelics Overview – Core Learning Course Objective: Overview of psychedelic drugs with known therapeutic potential

Module 2

 Introduction and History of Psychedelics

Module 3

Psychedelic Safety

  • Describe how psilocybin acts in the brain and body to produce psychological and physiological effects
  • List contraindicated medical conditions and medications for psilocybin use
  • Discuss common reactions and adverse events associated with psilocybin and how risks differ between non-medical and clinical contexts

Module 4

Psychedelic Clinical Approach: Clinical Trial Findings of Psilocybin Treatment for Depression and Other Psychiatric Indications

Module 5

Psilocybin Ancient History, Psychological Mechanisms, and the Future of Micro dosing

  • Describe the varied contexts where psilocybin has been used both historically and in the present day
  • Explain the possible psychological and neurobiological mechanisms that may occur during psilocybin-assisted therapy
  • Discuss the effects and clinical research findings of micro dosing

Module 6

Psychedelic Legal Perspective

Module 7

Closer look on Psychotropic Substances

Module 8

Closer Look-Psilocybin

Module 9

Closer Look-MDMA

Module 10

Closer Look-LSD

Learning Outcomes

After successful completion of this course, students will learn:

  • Understand the history and the Psychedelics fundamentals
  • Understand Psychedelics medical approaches
  • Develop Psychedelics products and preform research
  • Understand the regulatory requirements for Dealer’s License
  • Develop Psychedelics careers and land in technical positions


Who Should Attend

Employees in the following positions working in a Psychedelics field must attend this program:

  • Psychedelics R&D and Product Developers

  • Psychedelics Packaging and Production Companies

  • Psychedelics Distributors

  • Medical and Scientific Professionals

  • Psychedelics Laboratory Analyst

Job Opportunities

  • Psychedelics Analyst
  • Psychedelics R&D Associates
  • Psychedelics Technicians/ Technologists
  • Psychedelics Production workers
  • Psychedelics Medical Professionals/ Educators
  • Psychedelics Consultants.

Faculty of Psychedelics

Dr. Hyder A. Khoja

Dr. Hyder A. Khoja

Elocutionist, Philosopher, Visionary Entrepreneur & Business Savvy

Dr. Khoja is an elocutionist, philosopher, a visionary entrepreneur & a business savvy. He has had a distinguished professional career, within the high technology realms with strong adaptive ability in leading diverse regulatory programs combined with functional expertise in science and policy domains.

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Leonardo Castillo

Graduate from Cannabis Fundamentals and Retail Certificate Training

As an experienced bud tender, I found the information to be extremely informative. As the cannabis industry continues to grow we need to be more and more informed and having a course in this can allow many people to properly learn about the benefits and negative effects of cannabis.


Very useful and very detailed. I enjoyed learning from the instructor very much.

Zana Gabriel Gordon

Graduate from Cannabis Fundamentals and Retail Certificate Training

Yes everyone involved with the cannabis industry should have this basic or more informative/in depth training in order to familiarize themselves with background knowledge. Hands on/visual interactions would be a nice addition to the course.

Roxana M. Olaru

Graduate from Cannabis Fundamentals and Retail Certificate Training

Kunal goes very in depth, with passion. I learned a lot today and will definitely carry this with me and spread my knowledge to others. I would 10/10 recommend this to other cannabis retailers.

Nathanial Awram

Graduate from Cannabis Fundamentals and Retail Certificate Program

Information was delivered in a very thorough manner. The course was full of very useful/valuable information. I enjoyed the open floor which allowed for a level of comfort, interaction and asking questions and great opportunity to learn and educate myself/ourselves on the biochemistry of cannabis and human physiological responses; as well as useful anecdotal research.

Erik Chrons

Graduate from Cannabis Fundamentals and Retail Certificate Program

Went in with limited knowledge and came out feeling like my sales will be a lot better now I’m more comfortable now that I understand my products.

Kera Hendricks

Graduate from Cannabis Fundamentals and Retail Certificate Training

Using “layman’s terms” for those who are less educated. More inclusivity – games, tests, quizzes, etc. All useful information; debunked many myths.

Paul Robert

Graduate from Cannabis Fundamentals and Retail Certificate Training

The course provided valuable information regarding the chemical compounds of cannabis. This will be quite useful in helping customers.

Len Luna

Graduate from Cannabis Fundamentals and Retail Certificate Training

I learned a lot about legal products by the OCS, as well as the respect you are to always give the city. It’s great to have that knowledge to pass on and compare OCS to the blackmarket. Happy to have been a part of the course. Would recommend to everyone! Thank You!


The instructor is very thorough, charismatic, and engaging. He was able to make the course very easy to understand and enjoyable to learn.

Agnes Yu Lin

Graduate from Cannabis Fundamentals and Retail Certificate Program

Helpful and useful information. Learned a lot behind cannabis and its effects. This will be extremely useful for my workplace.

Rohan Robinson

Graduate from Cannabis Fundamentals and Retail Certificate Training

The class was highly informative and engaging. I had a lot of fun learning about cannabis and its chemical/biological properties. A lot of the information I learned today I could pass on to customers that come into my stores.



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