License producers are hiring Quality Assurance Person (QAP) position for developing and maintaining the quality of cannabis processed by the facility and monitor the processing of cannabis products, packaging, labelling, distribution, storage, sampling and testing of all cannabis products or materials as described by Cannabis Act and Regulation, Part 5 -Good Production Practices (GPP). 

In 2023 there were over 100s of cannabis QAP jobs available in the market. It is expected that the cannabis industry will open more QAP employment openings over the next few years as the number of states and nations around the world legalize cannabis. 


Quality Assurance for Cannabis: Onsite and Remote Jobs

QAP are the key personnel of the cannabis industry as they need to oversee, review and approve all the processes, procedures of the industry as per the Cannabis Act and Regulation and EU-GMP standards. It is very critical for companies to have their QAP to ensure the quality of the product in every part of the supply chain management.

What QAP Can Do?

  • QAP will review the current technical process and procedures of a company and can come-up with the recommendations for improvements with appropriate gap analysis.
  • QAP will ensure that your procedures and process are in compliance with the company’s policies and, regulatory standards and requirements.
  • QAP can also produce technical contents for any audit findings, inspections and response to regulatory agencies.
  • QAP will be responsible for investigation any consumer complaints.
  • QAP also need to make the final decision on product release to market as well. 

Where QAP Can Work?

QAP can work onsite or remote basis based on the technical writing requirements from a company. Most of the QAP are hired by license producers (LPs) on-site or remote basis for processing and other activities.

Salary Expectation for Technical Writers

As per the trend in the industry, QAP are approximately making more than 800,000 CAD per year as they usually come with appropriate level of quality assurance skills, credentials and experiences form the cannabis industry or related industry like pharmaceutical, food, agriculture and etc.

Why you need to consider NACPT Pharma College for your QAP Training?

  • NACPT Pharma College offers two comprehensive industry recognized Quality Assurance programs for cannabis training. NACPT Pharma College is the first cannabis approved diploma provider in Canada which is awarded multiple times by the cannabis industry leaders among all other educational institutions who provide cannabis education or training across Canada. 
  • Most of the companies take our QAP certificate corporate training for their employees to back-up with the appropriate level of Health Canada required training, education and credentials. 
  • NACPT Pharma College has the top most expert team in North America who can provide the cannabis training up to the pharmaceutical standards and guidelines which is essential in the cannabis industry to standardize their processes and systems.
  • You can definitely interact with the experts and other trainees to get valuable suggestions and solutions for your needs.
  • Currently, students have much more flexibility to do all the cannabis training via online – live sessions or recorded sessions at your own convenience time. 

To learn about the skills requirements, please visit:

Cannabis Quality Control and Quality Assurance in Canada – NACPT (nacptpharmacollege.com)

Online Cannabis Certificate Programs  –  NACPT  (nacptpharmacollege.com)

CERTIFICATES Pharma College – NACPT (nacptpharmacollege.com)


Who Should Apply for NACPT Programs?

  • Students and graduates – mature students can also apply for the post-secondary cannabis diploma programs
  • Employees from cannabis companies
  • Laid off workers – can apply for the government Better Job Ontario Grant for training
  • Employers – can apply for the Canada Job Grant to train their employees
  • Qualified candidates under the WSIB, Ontario Works and other government assistance programs

To learn about the potential educational and training grants, please visit:

Financial Services • NACPT Pharma College

Cannabis Quality Control and Quality Assurance in Canada • NACPT (nacptpharmacollege.com)

CERTIFICATES Pharma College (nacptpharmacollege.com)

All training classes are moved to both online (live interactive webinar) and onsite training mode due to COVID-19 pandemic as of March 18, 2020. Please contact us for more details.

Due to COVID-19, all training programs will be held online (live, interactive, and instructor-led) until further notice. Hybrid Learning Mode will be used for programs that include hands-on training (theory will be delivered online and hands-on training will be delivered on-site). Students who wish to receive onsite instruction should contact the college. Please get in touch with us for more information!

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