April 2022


A personal support worker is a caregiver who assists disabled or old patients with their everyday needs at home. A properly certified personal support worker can meet various needs of the person they are caring for such as physical, and psychosocial needs, as they have the knowledge and talents to assure their convenience, health, and...
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An accounting analyst is tasked with executing a variety of activities in order to assist customers and businesses in being profitable. They collaborate closely with the finance team and other financial specialists to assess a firm's income and expenditures. One of an accounting analyst's key responsibilities is to produce detailed reports that include profit and...
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As a medical office administrative assistant you manage and run a doctor’s office or medical facility on a daily basis. Your typical day can include documenting patient information, booking doctor appointments, hospitalization and discharge procedures, maintaining insurance records and so on. 
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Pharmaceutical products are one of the most regulated products around the world as they are essential in providing health needs to the public. Therefore, their evaluation requires a high level of regulation and expertise. Pharmaceutical regulations are a combination of legal, administrative and technical measures taken to ensure the safety, efficacy and quality of the...
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All training classes are moved to both online (live interactive webinar) and onsite training mode due to COVID-19 pandemic as of March 18, 2020. Please contact us for more details.

Due to COVID-19, all training programs will be held online (live, interactive, and instructor-led) until further notice. Hybrid Learning Mode will be used for programs that include hands-on training (theory will be delivered online and hands-on training will be delivered on-site). Students who wish to receive onsite instruction should contact the college. Please get in touch with us for more information!
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