Cannabis Facility Management & Security

Live Session

  • Time: 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Level of Training: Intermediate | Expert
  • Mode of Delivery: Live, Interactive and Instructor-led
  • Fee: $995

Both Online and OnCampus training is available

*Recorded Program: (Duration: 8 Hours, Fee: $895)

Program Overview

The Responsible Person and Head of Security of a cannabis facility must know how to effectively manage the facility and comply with security measures as per Health Canada’s regulatory requirements.

The Cannabis Facility Management and Security program will cover cannabis facility management requirements of full-scale production operations using appropriate techniques within the regulatory requirements of Health Canada. Through this training, you will learn – how to develop sanitation procedures, records, pest controls, training programs for inspection and investigation –  required to implement in any medical cannabis facilities and their equipment.

Attendees may interact with the class and lead trainers for more clarifications or concerns.

Program Offers

  • Register for 3 certificate programs at NACPT and get any available 1-day training for free.
  • Attendees will be issued the certificate of completion at the end of training program.

Additional Program Info

  • Program Module
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Job Opportunities
  • Who Should Attend

Program Module

Module 1
Plans and Operations
Module 2
Quality and Reporting
Disaster Recovery
Module 3
Suitability Assessments
Compliance and TRAs
Systems Design
Module 4
Threat Risk Assessment
Suitability Community Studies
Zoning by-Laws
Module 5
Effective Surveillance and Alarm
Access Control System
Incident Management System

Learning Outcomes

After successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Coordinate, supervise, and manage cannabis facilities in an effective, compliant, and responsible manner.
  • Understand the unique nature of cannabis facilities and the challenges in operating them in the best way possible.
  • Develop operational, financial, and strategic plans for the delivery of cannabis facility services (maintenance, housekeeping, security, delivery, administration, and other ancillary services).
  • Effectively deploy human resources, systems, policies and procedures, and operational know-how to maintain and sustain cannabis facility operations.

Job Opportunities

  • Head of Security (HS)
  • Greenhouse Manager
  • Master Grower (MG)
  • Responsible Person (RP)

Who Should Attend

  • Responsible Person (RP)
  • Anyone who wants to start a cannabis business
  • Anyone who wants to become a Head of Security
  • Licensed Producers
  • Security Personnel
  • Security Companies
  • Quality Assurance Person (QAP)
  • Consultants

Faculty of Cannabis Facility Management & Security

Alex Goldstein

CPP, CISSO, Faculty Member of Industrial Cannabis Production Technology

Alex Goldstein, CPP, CISSO, holds an Honor BA from York University, double-majoring in Criminology and History, a Certified Protection Professional Certification from ASIS International, and a Certified Information Systems Security Officer Certification from the United States Committee on National Security Systems. In his 14 years of progressive experience servicing the Canadian public sector and private Security industries, most recently, he worked with Led Threat Risk Assessments and suitability reviews, site audits, Standard Operating Procedure reviews, and site/design plan consulting for cannabis companies across Canada. Over the last few years, Alex has been closely working with many start-ups and existing leading cannabis companies to develop security plans, plant management systems, and facility design.

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Overall the workshop was well-structured and organized which allowed us to get more information that we needed. What I liked most was the way how they (speakers) engaged in the seminar. I am so grateful to attend this workshop. Thank you so much. Keep on! Year 2018


The knowledge in the workshop is extensive and extremely helpful. The courses are great to network and share knowledge with people of different occupation backgrounds. Highly recommend it! Year 2020.

Michael Lewis

Graduate from Cannabis Facility Management and Security Certificate

Facility management was an eye-opener of things like supply and demand, economy, and overall cost. The difference between things you want and the things you need. Year 2021.

Nathanial Stonefish

Graduate from Cannabis Facility Management and Security Certificate

Learning where and what municipality you choose to operate in can have an outcome on success was good material to cover. Year 2021.



It was useful for clarity on the cannabis space. I learned a lot about what job roles and opportunities are available in the cannabis industry. Year 2019.

Jose O. Cifuentes

This workshop provided great insight and information. The instructor was great. Year 2019.


They were very good at providing all the details as per agenda and topics. Hope the same kind of workshop continues. NACPT did excellent hospitality and entertained the whole of the program. Thank you. Year 2018.

Lacey White

Graduate from Cannabis Facility Management and Security Certificate

A lot of knowledge was provided and the book is a great reference to what I will need to re-read. Thank You! Year 2021.



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