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Alumni Ambassador


NACPT excels in delivering the most potential alumni ambassadors every year. Our alumni ambassadors will positively promote NACPT to the employers in the employment section, potential students, and their parents. Also, they promote NACPT at various events and local functions, which will help other alumni/students in the same region.

Roles & Responsibilities

We believe that our alumni ambassadors are a critical component in the growth and development of NACPT. Alumni possess great responsibilities at various sectors such as,

They take the responsibility to act as the liaison between the alumni of your respective region and their alumni relations

  • They will assist the alumni relations in all the events hosted in your region.
  • Every industrial update will be represented by them as a guest speaker.
  • They will participate in mentoring events.
  • Providing the native information to the visitors from NACPT will also be done by the ambassadors.

Our alumni also take responsibility in serving as the point of contact between,

  • For the alumni, moving/traveling to the area.
  • For NACPT administrators, faculty, staff, students visiting your region.
  • Welcoming co-op or exchange students who are new to the region.
  • Sharing their living experiences with potential students that are in line with NACPT’s goals and mission.
  • Respond to requests by Student Recruitment representatives by email, phone, or in-person casual meetings to share your NACPT experience and your career path.

Alumni of NACPT is highly committed to representing our colleges at various events/local functions

  • If requested by Student Recruitment, our alumni will meet or speak informally with prospective students in your area about your NACPT student experience.
  • Alumni will also act as the social media ambassador for the region if requested by the alumni relations/student ambassador.
  • They will also be involved in all local Canadian activities if possible.

Alumni Community

  • The existing alumni of NACPT will gather Alumni ambassador applications, review them, and contact the alumni regarding the status of their application.
  • We will then publish the alumni ambassadors’ name, program, year, and contact info on the Alumni Ambassador webpage and Alumni Relations social media.
  • Also, we will let the Alumni ambassador know how many alumni live within their region, and work with them to connect with those alumni ambassadors with resources, and contacts regarding Admissions and Recruitment activities in their region.
  • Finally they will identify and recruit Alumni Ambassadors for regions to form communities. These communities will help greatly in relating to student recruitment efforts, co-op opportunities, and student exchange opportunities.

Alumni Events

  • February 27th, 2021
  • July 31st, 2021

Benefits of Alumni

  • Network with professionals from the target sectors
  • Learn new opportunities and updates about the industry
  • Help each other to grow within the target sectors
  • Grow with your institution
  • Share your knowledge and skills with alumni

Alumni Achievements

NACPT is proud to announce that all our graduates are recognized as “Industrial experts”. Because, NACPT graduates are working in the Canadian leading cannabis, pharmaceutical, healthcare, food, cosmetic, technical, nutraceutical, finance, IT, hospitality, travel and research sectors.

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