3 Industries Where You Can Build Your Accounting & Payroll Career in Canada

Accounting in Healthcare Industry

Medical accounting jobs are available to people with the required abilities and experience in a hospital setting. A bachelor’s degree in accounting, business, or finance is often required of medical accountants. Some of the medical accounting jobs are:

  • Hospital Medical Accountants
  • Billing and Account Receivable Specialist
  • Financial Coordinator
  • Healthcare Financial Analyst 
  • Payroll Administrator

Medical accountants are responsible for keeping track of purchases, payroll, and accounts receivable at hospitals, clinics, long-term care institutions, and other healthcare organizations of various sizes. Accountants in the healthcare industry are responsible for a wide range of tasks, including creating new patient records and setting up direct deposits, tracking customer payments, coordinating metric reports, preparing T2200s, and communicating legal and regulatory requirements to management and stakeholders.

Accounting in Hospitality and Tourism Industry

Numerous hospitality businesses, such as resorts, tourism boards, conference halls, and others, need to hire a variety of accounting and finance specialists to help run their businesses. These accounting and finance jobs in the hotel business have a number of responsibilities, but they all help hospitality businesses manage their finances in various ways.

A hospitality accounting expert must be familiar with related terminology and the many types of businesses present in the industry. Accounting guidelines, Canadian payroll tax laws and regulations, and bookkeeping and accounting foundations are all required while preparing financial accounts for the hospitality industry.

Some of the accounting job positions the hospitality, travel, and tourism industry offers are:

  • Junior Accountant
  • Staff Accountant
  • Business Development Manager 
  • Internal Auditor
  • Global Compliance Manager

Day-to-day bookkeeping, sales and payments settlement, monthly and annual financial reports, consolidated financial statements, cash flow analysis, maintaining daily deposits and reporting any inconsistencies, and managing payroll processing and related finance processes are typical accounting and payroll responsibilities in the hospitality industry.

Accounting in Cannabis Industry

Cannabis is a thriving industry in Canada and many parts of North America as the medical advantages of cannabis become more widely recognised. The legalization of cannabis in  Canada, has resulted in a boom of businesses ranging from cultivation to production to retail storefronts all around the country. With so many individuals and businesses getting on board to take advantage of a lifetime chance, it’s crucial to understand some of the accounting and bookkeeping ramifications.

For a cannabis business start-up, payroll, rent, travel, procurements, and the construction of a facility or facilities are all expenses that the company will likely experience as they begin their journey. The accounting or bookkeeping process must begin at the outset, and an accountant or somebody with basic bookkeeping expertise is required to set it up. It is advised that such businesses hire an accountant who can set up an accounting system and start tracking and categorizing their costs.

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