5 Important Accounting and Payroll Tips You Need To Know Before Starting A Business

Money is one of the most important factors on which a business runs on a daily basis and hence it must be handled wisely. Apart from marketing ideas and the product or service itself, what keeps a business afloat is how you manage the money that goes into and comes from the business and it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. So if you are a business owner of a start-up or planning to start one, well you are doing the right thing doing the research and in this blog, we will look at a few tips you can have up your sleeve to save yourself in the long run.

1. Have A Payroll Accountant In Your Core Team

Accounting shouldn’t be where you try to save money in your business by doing everything on your own. As you try to manage the business side it is possible to miss track of small or big expenses on the way. Hence hire a payroll accountant and keep them in your core team to help you track your expenses and get accounting guidelines as needed. Having a trusted accountant will help you run your business efficiently through forecasting expenses and managing profits.

Accountants also help you save time and effort by creating payrolls, filing taxes, and keeping company records up to date and organized. They can also assist you to keep track of any fees, loopholes, or other tax deductions that you may be entitled to. If recruiting full-time payroll employees is out of the question, you can also consider hiring a freelancer.

Always keep a healthy relationship with your accountants as they play an integral role at how the financial side of your business progresses.

2. Track Every Expense Including Cash Flows

Expenses can look very different on paper than when you actually spent them. From buying a coffee to buying inventory or paying your employees expense comes at you on a daily, monthly, yearly basis. Sometimes it can also catch you off guard through unexpected situations where you will need an immediate cash flow. Hence it is important to categorize and record each expense that is related to your business. This will ensure you have all your expenses that can be written-off or credited during the year-end tax filing. Always manage to use your credit cards and this will help you track your expenses without risking losing the receipts.

3. Make Use of Accounting Software

There are many software programs that keep accounting jobs simple and trackable for businesses. Along with your accountant, as a business owner, you can also use this software to get an idea of how your expenses and balances are coming up and review the changes needed.

QuickBooks is the best-known accounting software in the accounting sector. Accounting software should allow you to connect your bank account or credit card which will then keep track of your income and expenses, categorize them, and enable you to send and pay invoices as well as generate reports.

For small-business owners and managers, payroll software might be a blessing in disguise. A payroll software application will save all of the employee information you’ll need in one place, and it will automate the recurring payroll process seamlessly.

4. Separate Personal Expenses

An essential step towards money management in business depends on separating the business cash flow from personal expenses. As you start a business make sure you have a separate business bank account for checking and savings. Any expense for the business, no matter how trivial, must be spent from this account. Also, make sure you keep track of any money you put into your company with your personal assets. This will help you get a perfect overview of your income, profit and expenses at the end of every month.

Personal expenses are often not deductible on a corporate tax return. If you use a car or a home office for both business and personal purposes, you can only deduct the time you used it for business purposes and using a corporate card for such expenses will save you from getting fined otherwise.

5. Forecast Your Business' Future

Businesses are less likely to stay in pattern as there will always be unpredictable and drastic changes they might go through. Having an idea of how your business is doing financially overall will help you analyze how it might progress in the upcoming years more accurately. This is important to revamp your business ideas and marketing strategies to expand or redirect as needed to grow your business.Financial projections will also help you determine where to invest your organization’s earnings and whether or not you’ll need a business loan.

Financial forecasting can depend on unpredictable (inflation) and predictable (nature of business, target customers, competitors, demographic, location, etc,) factors. Although not accurate these predictions will help you in crisis management or avoid situations that you might fall into.

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