In 2023 there were over 420,000 cannabis jobs available in the market. It is expected that the cannabis industry will open double the employment openings over the next few years as the number of states and nations around the world legalize cannabis. It is possible to work in the cannabis sector from any location in the world because of the suitability of the nature of the remote jobs.

Cannabis Technical Writers: Onsite and Remote Jobs

Technical writers are the key workforce of the cannabis industry as it needs to shaped by the technical procedures, protocols, policies, guidelines and manuals due to the regulatory standards and industrial expectations.

There are many companies are depending on the external consultants which may cost them a lot with limited access to the technical content and procedures. If companies hire trained talents within their pool of employees in a remote or onsite basis, they can produce content as they need on timely basis while the technical writers are working with your own team to produce the right content.

What Cannabis Technical Writers Can Do?

  • Technical writers can review the current technical process and procedures of a company and can come-up with the recommendations for improvements with appropriate gap analysis.
  • Technical writers can ensure that your procedures and process are in compliance with regulatory standards and requirements.
  • Technical Writers can also produce technical contents for any audit findings, inspections and response to regulatory agencies.
  • Technical Writers can design study plan or protocols with appropriate subject matter teams to produce data and evidence to support your process or product developments
  • Technical Writers can summarize study outcome in reports with appropriate subject matter teams during or by of the study.

Where Cannabis Technical Writers Work?

Cannabis Technical Writers can work onsite or remote basis based on the technical writing requirements from a company. Most of the technical writers are hired by licence producers (LPs) on remote basis for cultivation, processing, packaging, product development, cannabis testing laboratories, medical clinics, retail sectors and etc.

Salary Expectation for Technical Writers

As per the trend in the industry, Technical Writers are approximately making more than $50 per hour as they usually come with appropriate technical content creating skills, credentials and some experiences.

To learn about the skills requirements, visit  :

Technical Writing And Establishment of Audit And Inspection Programs For Cannabis

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