Effective Retail Recreational Sales for License Producers

For Provincial Regulatory Sales Requirements

Live Session

  • Time: 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Level of Training:  Beginner | Intermediate | Expert
  • Mode of Delivery: Live, Interactive and Instructor-led
  • Fee: $699

Both Online and OnCampus training is available

*Recorded Program: (Duration: 8 Hours, Fee: $599)

Program Overview

Effective Retail Recreational Sales for License Producers: Understanding the OCS and Other Provincial Regulatory Requirements are very critical for any license producers across Canada to effectively sale their products as per the provincial regulatory requirements. The product must be produced, packaged and distributed in specific manners for top sales in Canada.

Our programs are customised to meet the LP requirements for sales and very interactive to learn and practices all good sale practices.

Attendees may interact with the class and lead trainers for more clarifications or concerns.

Program Offers

  • Register for 3 certificate programs at NACPT and get any one-day certificate training free
  • Attendees will be issued the certificate of completion at the end of the training program.

Additional Program Info

  • Program Module
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Job Opportunities
  • Who Should Attend

Program Module

  • Cannabis recreational sales
  • Recreational Sale – OCS regulatory requirements
  • Recreational Sale – Other provincial regulatory requirements
  • Prepare for work with government retail sectors
  • Produce and package products as per provincial regulatory requirements
  • Audits and Inspection
  • LP Employees’ training on various aspects on production for sales

Learning Outcomes

After successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Current cannabis recreational regulatory requirements
  • Safety, laws, & regulations
  • Good Production Practices for Sales
  • Assure product and package quality
  • Responsibilities of LP
  • Perform Gap analysis
  • Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA)
  • Implement Change Control Measures
  • Tips for effective sales

Job Opportunities

  • Quality Assurance Person
  • Quality Assurance Associates
  • Quality Assurance Auditors
  • Sales Associates
  • Retail Professionals
  • Master Growers
  • Production Managers
  • Production Technicians
  • Packaging Technicians

Who Should Attend

Employees in the following positions working in a cannabis retail store must attend this program:

  • Licensed Producers
  • Production Employees
  • Responsible Persons
  • Packaging Operators
  • Quality Assurance Persons
  • Production Managers
  • Sale Managers

Faculty of Cannabis Facility Management & Security

Kunal Sudan

CEO, Delta Eight Pharmaceuticals, Faculty Member of Industrial Cannabis Production Technology

Kunal Sudan earned his BA from McMaster University and Graduate Certificate in Mental Health and Addictions from Ryerson University. Kunal has been training students and cannabis licensed producers in various topics in the cannabis industry since 2019 at NACPT Pharma College. He has a thorough knowledge of Health Canada’s Cannabis Act and Regulations and all related regulations required in the cannabis industry.

More Detail


Nathanial Stonefish

Graduate from Cannabis Head of Security Certificate

The information in this chapter was in-depth for anyone looking to become head of security or anyone looking to hire a competent person. Year 2021.


Hadi Mehrgan

Graduate from Pharmaceutical Quality Control Quality AssuranceDiploma Program>

I am a newcomer to Canada, and a Ph.D. holder. I was a professor back in my country. I came to Canada with a lot of expectations. But, I could not find any related jobs within my profession. Hence, I enrolled in a program provided by NACPT 4 months ago, and am currently working in a leading pharmaceutical company, as a formulator. NACPT provided a lot of help and training for me to get this job. Year 2010.

Hired by Apotex Inc.

Position: Formulation Chemist

Aaron Pagliaro

Graduate from Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Advanced Diploma Program

At NACPT, I learned the necessary knowledge and skills to obtain my first position in my career in validation. At NACPT it felt like a small community and all the staff and instructors were very helpful in my studies and career growth. NACPT helped me gain the knowledge and skills required for the pharmaceutical industry which gave me confidence in the interview process during my job search. I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking to gain experience in the pharmaceutical or related industries because it provides the base roots knowledge and skills required to be successful in this industry. Year 2014.

Hired By Canadian Blood Services

Position: Validation Associate

Natalia Martsyniv

Graduate from Cannabis Plant Science Certificate Program

Excellent training. Exceeded my expectations. Year 2018.


Graduate from Cannabis Plant Science Certificate Program

The program is very informative and very helpful, covering all the quality perspectives, including validation and quality control. Year 2018.

Leonardo Castillo

Graduate from Cannabis Fundamentals and Retail Certificate Training

As an experienced bud tender, I found the information to be extremely informative. As the cannabis industry continues to grow we need to be more and more informed and having a course in this can allow many people to properly learn about the benefits and negative effects of cannabis.

David McDonald

Graduate from Cannabis Master Grower Practices Certificate Program

The most potentially useful part of this program is the networking that was accomplished. Year 2020.

Niruparajh Arunakirinathen

Graduate from Pharmaceutical Quality Control and Quality Assurance Diploma Program

NACPT helped me to understand the real Canadian industry world and helped me a lot to take interviews. Year 2014.

Hired By Gray Lea Co-op Ltd

Position: QC Technician

Suraj Vijayaraj

Graduate from Pharmaceutical & Bio Pharmaceutical Clinical Research  – Post-secondary Diploma

The college management helped me in acquiring a job with help of NACPT instructors, whose reference was much needed in the process. It helped me a lot in the long run as an international student to establish myself socially and professionally. Year 2017.

Hired by Shoppers Drug Mart

Position: Merchandiser



The instructor is very thorough, charismatic, and engaging. He was able to make the course very easy to understand and enjoyable to learn.

Zana Gabriel Gordon

Graduate from Cannabis Fundamentals and Retail Certificate Training

Yes everyone involved with the cannabis industry should have this basic or more informative/in depth training in order to familiarize themselves with background knowledge. Hands on/visual interactions would be a nice addition to the course.

Chitra Rao

Graduate from Cannabis Master Grower Practices Certificate Program

Very informative session. Good group discussion from other colleagues from industry. Year 2020.

Laboratory Technologist

Nicole Ortega

Graduate from Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Advanced Diploma Program

NACPT has been greatly helpful when it comes to finding a career in the healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry. The instructors are highly knowledgeable and offer great advice on what is expected. I enjoyed the hands-on training with equipment such as HPLC and GC. The experiments that we performed in the lab are exactly related to the industry and prepare you for a career in QA/QC position. I would recommend this program to others as the staff and facility go beyond expectations when it comes to quality of education and helpfulness. Overall my experience at NACPT was excellent! They have been very helpful in finding a position in my career! Year 2016.

Hired by Eurofins Experchem

Position: Laboratory Analyst

Penny Boyce

NACPT staff are very knowledgeable, they are up to date with the industry trends and showed personal interest and concern in assisting me in achieving my career goals. Year 2014.

Mousumi Sur

Graduate from Pharmaceutical Formulation and Validation Technology Post-secondary Program

NACPT College is an excellent college. All Instructors and program coordinators are very helpful. Instructors are knowledgeable and have an excellent insight of course. Courses are designed as per current industry standards. I was already on the job when I joined the college. I came to the college to upgrade my knowledge on validation. I received thorough knowledge and current guidelines on validation. This course helps me to succeed in the job. Year 2016.

Hired by Apotex Inc.

Position: Technologist Formulation Development

Jose O. Cifuentes

This workshop provided great insight and information. The instructor was great. Year 2019.

Olivia Brown

Graduate from Quality Assurance for Cannabis Certificate Program

I am absolutely honored to have been under your study. You have shown me what a graceful, knowledgeable, highly educated woman in a leadership role acts like. I cannot wait to continue my education with your business. Your integrity and the fact that you risked your reputation and career to help improve and set standards for the cannabis industry is astounding. Thank you. Year 2019.

CEO at Professional Cannabis Consulting Inc.

Siva Babu Jonnalagadda

Graduate from Pharmaceutical & Bio-Pharmaceutical Clinical Research

Perfect place for study under the supervision of the director, her dedication in helping students with great knowledge and with excellent industrial networks are reaping success stories of NACPT students. Wish this institute would help as many students as possible with their experienced staff, who are current professionals from the Pharma industry. The director and her associates are fantastic and really helps students in difficult times. Feeling happy for being a student here. Year 2016.

Hired By Milner Health Care

Position: Intern

Nathanial Stonefish

Graduate from Cannabis Facility Management and Security Certificate

Learning where and what municipality you choose to operate in can have an outcome on success was good material to cover. Year 2021.


Atiyatul Qadeer

Graduate from Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Advanced Diploma

After an exhaustive search for a suitable job, when I attended the counselling session at NACPT, I realized that this is the place I have been looking for to upgrade my skills in order to establish my career in the Industry. Not only did the college administration facilitate easier fulfillment of the financial requirements but also they offered great flexibility in the schedule making it comfortable to attend all the classes. The instructors were always ready to clarify our doubts and provided in-depth knowledge of the subject. I found the “Modern Technology” program quite comprehensive, well planned and well-taught and I would recommend it to all the new science graduates seeking to enter the pharmaceutical industry. The college also provided great assistance in finding jobs after completion of the program. I am truly grateful to the director of NACPT and the whole team for their tremendous support, help and guidance which enabled me to go through the hiring process successfully. I wish them all the success in the future. Year 2015.

Hired By Apotex Inc.

Position: QC Chemist

Samir Aghabab

Graduate from Quality Assurance for Cannabis Certificate Program

I honestly think your staff did an amazing job as well as the extended classes shows your dedication to helping each student. Year 2018.

Suganthini Subramaniam

Graduate from Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Advanced Diploma Program

I am an International student at NACPT. I just want to say thank you for all the help that NACPT has done to me over the past year. The Modern Technology program helped me change my vision & perspective towards the Pharmaceutical Industry. Especially, I liked the Industry focus and applicability of the concepts taught during the course. The knowledge I gained at NACPT was both theoretical and practical, by lecturers who were experts in the current Pharmaceutical Industry. Year 2014.

Hired By Concord Analytical Ltd.

Position: Junior Chemical Analyst

Noah Johnston

Graduate from Cannabis Master Grower Practices Certificate Program

Excellent teachers. Worth every penny! Year 2020.

Sanjida Ahmed

Graduate from Pharmaceutical & Bio-Pharmaceutical Clinical Research Post-secondary Diploma

The course/training that I completed in NACPT was a post graduate diploma in Pharmaceutical and Bio-pharmaceutical Clinical Research. Fortunately I was offered a position by NACPT and its sister company Validation Tech Inc. before completing my course. The training was very inspirational, energizing bringing lots of ideas, with both substantial and in depth knowledge together with case studies, learning from experience and being fully practice oriented. The other trainees were amazing and I learned a lot from their experience and insights. I found the course very useful and hopefully be able to put some of it into practice. Year 2015.

Hired By Validation Tech Inc

Position: Director, Strategic Planning and Business Development

Michael Lewis

Graduate from Cannabis Master Grower Practices Certificate 

Master Grower training was a great experience. The presentation was detailed with lots of examples and scenarios that could benefit us in the future. Year 2021.

Kera Hendricks

Graduate from Cannabis Fundamentals and Retail Certificate Training

Using “layman’s terms” for those who are less educated. More inclusivity – games, tests, quizzes, etc. All useful information; debunked many myths.

Sally Sami

Graduate from Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Advanced Diploma Program

So much information was received from the college that made me aware of all the positions to apply for, as well as qualifying us to give our best in the company from being, very informative and knowledgeable. NACPT referred me to the internship position at Argus Laboratory and yes I recommend this program to new graduate students as it sets the mind for the particular job that you see yourself best in. Year 2017.

Hired by Argus Laboratory Inc.

Position: Chemist

Katsirakeron McComber

Graduate from Cannabis Master Grower Practices Certificate Program

This master grower training was very useful in reassuring that all my studies have been correct along the line of following all aspects of GXP. Year 2020.

Production Team Member at Sublime Culture

Tyler Harrison

Graduate from Industrial Cannabis Production Technology Post-secondary Diploma

This school was great it gave me all the skills, knowledge and resources to get into the competitive cannabis industry. The school enabled me to work full time and still complete my education. I am now working as an assistant master grower for an LP and I am as happy as can be. Thanks to all the amazing professors and big thanks to Rathi for everything you have done to assist in my success. Truly thankful!

Ketan Miyani

Graduate from Quality Assurance for Cannabis Certificate Program

Excellent workshop! Please keep it up and come up with other important topics! Thank you! Year 2018.

Dan Jin

Graduate from Quality Assurance for Cannabis Certificate 

Very informative and comprehensive. Thank you. Year 2021.

Dan Pobojewski

Graduate from Cannabis Master Grower Practices Certificate Program

It was good! Year 2020.

Nora Samuel

Graduate from Industrial Cannabis Production Technology Post-secondary Diploma

The Industrial Cannabis Production Technology advanced diploma program is a very technology-driven training program that helped me learn about cultivation and extraction techniques as per Health Canada regulatory requirements, quality, and all other related concepts to secure a position in a leading Cannabis Company. I will recommend this comprehensive program to anyone who wants to develop a career in the cannabis space or start a cannabis business on their own.

Paul Robert

Graduate from Cannabis Fundamentals and Retail Certificate Training

The course provided valuable information regarding the chemical compounds of cannabis. This will be quite useful in helping customers.

Suba Sivapiragasam

Graduate from Pharmaceutical Quality Control & Quality Assurance – Diploma Program

NACPT has programs that will give broad knowledge in the pharmaceutical and related industry. I will recommend others to take this course to move up in their career. Year 2014.

Hired by Estee Lauder

Position: Packaging Analyst

Suvisikaa Selvanathan

All of the courses that I have enrolled in at NACPT have given me a tremendous boost in confidence for seeking jobs in the pharmaceutical industry. Year 2011.

David Gelsomino

Graduate from Cannabis Master Grower Practices Certificate Program

An extensive and comprehensive session with 2 knowledgeable experts on an important part of the supply chain. Year 2020.

Juliet Nagudi

I learnt a lot of information in just two days. Very educational and taught by well educated, learned and experienced trainers. Thank you. Year 2020.

César Urbizo-Vivas

Graduate from Pharmaceutical Formulation & Validation Technology

I’m absolutely satisfied with the educational services and grateful for all the support received from the college to get my job, thanks for the references and the letter. What I found unique is the personalized support. Yes, I’ll strongly recommend it because this program opened the doors in the pharma industry for me. Year 2020.

Hired by Apotex

Position: Production Technician

Cesar Urbizo

Before the training I didn’t know anything about validation in process, packaging and sanitation. Personally I learned a lot about this topic and realized the importance of it. I consider it very interesting. Year 2020.

Michael Lewis

Graduate from Cannabis Responsible Person Certificate Program

Responsible person training was great, made me think of how important it is to be aware and responsible of things that are going on in the facility that you can improve on or prevent. Year 2021.