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Why Choose NACPT

Why Choose NACPT

NACPT is proud to announce that we are the pioneer in providing unique and elegant services to our students. There are numerous valuable reasons for every student to choose NACPT.

  • The graduation rate is almost 100% every academic year.
  • We possess the highest level of recruitment rate to the top industries.
  • Every program delivered by NACPT is government-approved with valid credentials following industry and regulation standards.
  • NACPT is awarded as the ‘Best cultivation Educator’ by the industrial leaders.
  • We also aid the students with fast track training options.
  • The training time is always ensured to be flexible according to the student’s convenience such as daytime, evening, and weekend training options.
  • The interactive webinar training will be provided for both short-term and long-term duration irrespective of the location.
  • Industry-recognized corporate training will be given to our students.
  • Every training session will be inclusive of hands-on training.
  • NACPT encompasses a wide range of unique programs in various sectors such as healthcare, cannabis, business, engineering, and technology.
  • Excellent placement training will be delivered by our team of industry experts to the students.
  • Every program within NACPT is designed in a way to yield maximum job opportunities in the targeted industry to our students.
  • Our instructors are highly qualified as industrial experts according to the ministry requirements.
  • We exclusively conduct additional training sessions to assist the students regarding their projects and queries.
  • We provide a highly equipped and modern laboratory to preach experimental knowledge to our students.
  • Programs are available based on both full-time and part-time options.
  • A Wi-Fi facility with high internet speed is provided to our students in all the training locations within the campus.
  • The job development program assistance will be given efficiently in a one-on-one manner.
  • A major contribution from NACPT is dedicated to providing financial assistance to qualified students through scholarships.
  • Also, several funding facilities and job grant options are available in NACPT.
  • Students can opt for second carrier facilities offered by NACPT, to help our students financially.
  • NACPT has received great feedback from our students and partnership companies.
  • We ensure our international students that comfortable stay and transportation facilities will be provided.
  • The consultation team of NACPT will assist international students with the immigration process and all the insurance policies.
  • Students can access the NACPT library anytime. We have a lot of books related to every sector.
  • KPI - 2018: 2018 Private Career College graduation and job rates: North American Institute Of Pharmaceutical Technology (gov.on.ca). Visit Here!

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