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Why Choose Canada?

Canada is one of the favoured destinies for the international community because of its welcoming environment and multicultural features. The province of Ontario, Canada, is considered to have the highest international student population. The universities in Canada follow certain principles and are globally recognized, witnessed by securing 4th place for scientific research internationally. A degree from a Canadian university is considered of great value internationally. Canada is also recognized as one of the top countries by the United Nations for its quality of education and safe living conditions.

The report published by IRCC in the year 2019 depicts that the population of international students was approx. 642,480 in Canada at all levels, contributing to an increase of 1% from the previous year.

Immigration to Canada

Being an international student, you will need a study permit from Designated Learning Institute (DLI) to study at NACPT. Also, ensure that you have the appropriate visa permit depending on your program admission requirements. To know more about the immigration details visit Immigration and Citizenship Canada.

View the Designated learning institutions list of permitted colleges for more information.

Work in Canada

Canada also allows international students with a study permit to work part-time or full-time jobs, encouraging students to cover their educational and living expenses within Canada. Learn more about Studying and Working in Canada as an International Student.

Exam Assistance

Every international student must supply proof of English proficiency. We offer exclusive exam assistance for international students attempting to take the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam. Our guidance team will provide adequate materials and information regarding the proficiency test, helping students clear the examination quickly. We also assist the Pharmacy Licensing exams for the students who are about to take the exams.

Students who do not hold an Ontario secondary school diploma or equivalent must take the Wonderlic Contemporary Cognitive Ability Test. Our expert training faculty team will assist our students in improving their cognitive ability and problem-solving skills. Mature students attending this training will be able to pass the exam easily.


NACPT offers our students the opportunity to attend internships with leading industries. Training is beneficial in tuning a student with all the potential values required to become a professional. During the internship, students attain the necessary skills, field experience, and hands-on training. Overall, the internship provides all the essential skills in a nutshell, which will help the students apply for a job.

Job Assistance and Guidance

Our Career Counsellors are trained to speak, understand, identify and advise individuals about their requirements and guide them through preparing a CV, Job Searching, and Connect with industry, Co-op, Internship, Job Application, Interview Training etc.

Consultation Service

Many of the students who are new to Canada will experience several sorts of inconveniences to get adapted. Also, they might not be familiar with accessing the resources of our college. To provide help for those students, we have a team of consultants. Our consultant team will give you all the necessary details and guide you warmly throughout your journey with NACPT. Our team will support the students in their academic objectives as well as career counselling.

The NACPT consultant team will also guide students on queries related to other services such as housing, student communities, travel, insurance, and city exploration. We provide reliable service to our students required for their adequate settlement in our college.

Financial Assistance / Scholarship

We work with students to offer scholarships and government funding such as Ontario Works, Employment Centers, Second Career, and WSIB to continue the postgraduate studies in NACPT. This is especially helpful for the newcomers, laid-off workers who require financial assistance to continue their daily life and career progress. Click here for more information.

Features of NACPT

NACPT has made major establishments in the booming cannabis and pharmaceutical industry. A tribute was given by our founder prof. Rathi Param to the CastBox. In this podcast, significant details about two major programs available at our college are delivered. To listen to the podcast, do check out the link given here

High! Canada Magazine has featured NACPT for our outstanding services provided in Cannabis education. Also, they have mentioned the details of the workshop event conducted by us. To know more about the magazine, visit the page Click here

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