Online Registration Process

1. Enrollment Application Form

Complete this form and submit to onlinelearning@nacptcollege.com and submit along with documents in step 2

2. Credential Requirement

Attach and send a copy of your education certificates/diploma/(evaluated) degree and send to onlinelearning@nacptcollege.com.

3. Proof of Identity

Scan and attach a copy of your government issued photo id and a photo and send it to onlinelearning@nacptcollege.com

4. Review

Please allow for 1-5 business days for our program team to review your application.

5. Payment

Once your application has been accepted, our administrative team will send instructions for a payment plan prior to starting your program. Contact our financial aid team for assistance with financial aid.

6. Access to Class Link

Once initial required payment is received, our technical team will email the following:

Welcome to the NACPT Online Learning Environment!

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