FAQ – Online Program

What does NACPT offer via online mode of training?

NACPT Online learning is comprised of postgraduate diploma, post-secondary diploma, certificate courses and certifications that are covered with job-oriented skill training. Our curriculums are designed to challenge you to apply what you’ve learned to the actual work place.

Online, Live, Instructor Led Interactive Training: NACPT Online learning now offers via GoToMeeting. For more information, contact onlinelearning@nacptcollege.com and click here for the upcoming schedule.

Why should I consider taking online programs?

If you like to develop and update your career-oriented skills up to the regulatory standards, but are unable to attend sessions due to any reasons, then online learning can be a suitable method of learning environment for you.

What are the technical requirements for online live-virtual learning?

A computer or mobile device with audio, video and internet access is required. You should be able to view various document formats including PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint files is also required.

We recommend using Google Chrome as the default browser for online learning with NACPT.

Why should I choose NACPT?

NACPT nailed down the requirements of all groups of people to offer comprehensive training programs for the Cannabis, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Business, Finance and related industries.

Our exclusivity is to offer:

  • Fast-track Training
  • Short Term Hands-on Training
  • Co-op & Job Placement Assistance
  • Opening to Maximum Job Opportunities
  • Industry Experts Instructors
  • Modern Laboratory Facilities
  • Full Time/Part Time Programs
  • One on One Job Assistance program
  • Scholarships for qualified candidates
  • Work and Study option
  • Helping with other potential needs: residence, insurance policy, travel arrangements, immigration matters, and related services

What support do I receive as an online student? What if I have any issues during my course?

Should you have any questions, contact onlinelearning@nacptcollege.com and our program advisor or administer will connect you.

You can reach our support team onlinelearning@nacptcollege.com Mon-Fri between 9am-5pm EST at 416-412-7374/647-998-7374 (call/text at this number).

What are the prerequisites for Online Programs?

Programs: The academic prerequisites for our online programs are the same as the prerequisites for in-class program. The prerequisites can be found within each program.

Certificates Courses: In general, there no prerequisites for online certificate courses. We do have recommended prerequisites for each course.

If you are unsure which course to take first or whether you qualify for our programs, please contact onlinelearning@nacptcollege.com for more information.

Are the online certifications/certifications/diplomas different for online students than for in-class students?

There is no difference. All of our online and in-class programs are approved by the Ministry of Colleges and Universities. The requirements for each certificate or diploma are the same for both online and in-class programs.

What are the admission deadlines to enroll in an online program or course?

Diploma: For online diploma or certificate programs, you can find the start dates on the calendar. The deadline is based on first comes first served.

How do I receive my credential?

After successfully completing all courses within a diploma program, our online learning coordinator will contact you to arrange for an in-person pick up or delivery of your diploma via online or hardcopies.

How are we assessed for online courses?

Online courses use a combination of quizzes and exams, and project work which are submitted via our online training platform.

How do I register for any course or program?

Certificate: You can click on “Registration” button which will take you to the registration step by step process.

Diploma: The registration process for diploma programs can be found on each program page. You can click on “Inquiry” button. Once we received your inquiry, we will contact you to walk through the process.

Please ensure that we receive your right contact information to provide further assistance.

What are the start and end dates for diploma programs?

Please see the online calendar for start and end date to the programs including individual term breakdown.

Can I work while studying full-time?

Yes – NACPT online programs are customized mainly for individuals with busy lives with work and family commitments.

Is financial assistance available for online studies?

Yes, please contact onlinelearning@nacptcollege.com if you need to discuss payment options.

Is financial assistance available for online studies?

Yes, please contact onlinelearning@nacptcollege.com if you need to discuss payment options.

Is a payment plan available?

Yes – we offer a flexible payment schedule for all online students. Contact us at onlinelearning@nacptcollege.com to find out more about payment plans with NACPT.

What if practical training are part of my online program? How do I complete a practical virtually?

Some of our programs do have a practical training component. If your program contains practical training, you can complete the non-practical courses online, and complete the laboratory courses in-class or via live satellite training mode.

Can I get access to Career Services and Student Supports?

Yes, Our Career Services and Student Supports, which includes financial assistance, resume review and preparation, interview preparation, references for qualified students, industry connections, placements and various student supports.

In order to access our Career Services, you are required to be fully enrolled in one of our full Diploma programs, but we also try to help any students up to certain extend who have done certificate training as well.

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