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NACPT Pharma College is the first cannabis diploma provider in Canada!

Over the years, our programs have produced professionals working in various cannabis-related sectors around the world. All cannabis programs at NACPT deliver qualified graduates that help shape the cannabis space and innovate cannabis technology for tomorrow through current technology and regulatory requirements. 

The post graduate diplomas will include hands-on training, industrial exposure, case studies, guest speaker sessions, free job assistance and career-building programs conducted by industry professionals. NACPT will also offer networking opportunities and one-on-one assistance for students who require customized learning and career guidance.

All programs are approved as vocational programs under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.

Award-winner in Cannabis Sector

  • NACPT is an award-winner for the ‘BEST CULTIVATION EDUCATION’ in North America. We have a record number of graduates from the cannabis diploma programs working in leading cannabis and related companies while many others have become cannabis entrepreneurs creating more job opportunities for NACPT graduates.

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Cannabis Program

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Working Days: Mon – Fri
Working Hours: 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

Programs Offered

Post graduate Diploma

Cannabis Quality Control & Quality Assurance

Program Code: CAN.QC.QA.DIP

Full-time: 35 Weeks

Industrial Cannabis Production Technology

Program Code: IND.CAN.PROT.DIP

Full-time: 35 Weeks

Instructor Profile

Alex Goldstein

CPP, CISSO, Faculty Member of Industrial Cannabis Production Technology

Alex Goldstein, CPP, CISSO, holds an Honor BA from York University, double-majoring in Criminology and History, a Certified Protection Professional Certification from ASIS International, and a Certified Information Systems Security Officer Certification from the United States Committee on National Security Systems. In his 14 years of progressive experience servicing the Canadian public sector and private Security industries, most recently, he worked with Led Threat Risk Assessments and suitability reviews, site audits, Standard Operating Procedure reviews, and site/design plan consulting for cannabis companies across Canada. Over the last few years, Alex has been closely working with many start-ups and existing leading cannabis companies to develop security plans, plant management systems, and facility design.

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Dr.Carlos Aragon

Carlos Aragon


– PhD, Biotechnology, M.Sc., Analytical Chemistry

Dr. Carlos Aragon is a Specialist in Process and Products at Sanofi Pasteur Limited, Toronto. He has 15 years of experience working in research laboratories, pharmaceutical and analytical chemistry; research & development and Quality Control achieving results, improving new techniques, procedures and products with advanced scientific knowledge.

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Dr. AKM Abdul Hai

Dr. AKM Abdul Hai


– Organic Chemistry, PhD

Dr. AKM Abdul Hai has years of experience as a Product Development Scientist involving API Synthesis and Analytical Method and Formulation. His extensive knowledge of processes of Biopharmaceutical drug products supported his career in Canada and abroad. To name a few, Dr. Hai has worked as a Scientist in Matesci Inc, Scarborough and CMI Cosmetic, Toronto. Dr. Hai completed his PhD from Okayama University, Japan and acquired specialisation in Organo-copper Chemistry from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden. He also obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Pharmaceutical and Bio pharmaceutical Modern Technology.

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Elena Cristache

Elena Cristache

Senior Scientist

Elena earned her Bachelor of Engineering Degree Faculty of Industrial Chemistry and Cannabis Quality Assurance Certificate. Elena is a quality and results-driven professional with over 15 years of experience in Pharmaceutical and related industries, managing Quality Systems and training employees with leading pharmaceutical companies such as Apotex Corp., GERMIPHENE Corp, and BAXTER CORPORATION.

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Gaurav Raval


– B.Sc.in Pharma Chemistry, M.Sc.in Pharma Sciences at University of Toronto

Gaurav Raval has joined the NACPT Lead Training Team in 2020 as part of the Cannabis Quality Control and Quality Assurance department. It is his job to train students and employees in cannabis analytical testing, method development and validation using HPLC, GC and Dissolution Apparatus.

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Gavin Clark

Gavin Clark

Managing Director, Delta Eight Pharmaceuticals Faculty Member of Industrial Cannabis Production Technology

Gavin Clark has a deep understanding of cannabis and the developing industry in Canada as well as internationally. This includes the many beneficial properties of cannabis chemistry, their medical applications as well the legal framework regulating it in Canada. A graduate of the University of Western Ontario in Political Science. As Managing Director of Delta Eight Pharmaceuticals, Gavin is involved in research and development work in medical and recreational cannabis. Gavin is currently working as an advisor to cannabis-based businesses including Newstrike and Up Cannabis.

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Karim Meghji

Karim Meghji

Senior Scientist

Karim Meghji is a well-seasoned senior scientist with 25 years work experience in pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, CRO/CMO and CDMO companies. He acquired his MSc. in Biology from the University of Waterloo where he conducted research in microbial biotechnology and wrote a thesis on production, purification, and characterization of extracellular carboxylesterases from B. subtilis.

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Kunal Sudan

CEO, Delta Eight Pharmaceuticals, Faculty Member of Industrial Cannabis Production Technology

Kunal Sudan earned his BA from McMaster University and Graduate Certificate in Mental Health and Addictions from Ryerson University. Kunal has been training students and cannabis licensed producers in various topics in the cannabis industry since 2019 at NACPT Pharma College. He has a thorough knowledge of Health Canada’s Cannabis Act and Regulations and all related regulations required in the cannabis industry.

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Ousman Nauffer

C.O.O., Master Grower, Responsible Person, Quality Assurance Person – CannJah Pharm Inc.

Ousman Nauffer is a highly efficient Quality Assurance professional with over 5 years of industry experience in developing and implementing effective quality control processes and structures in manufacturing, technological and corporate environments. Ousman possesses a good understanding of the essentials of safety and quality and has a background of achievement in supporting all levels of management. 

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Rathi Pharam

Rathi Param

President / Founder & Dean

– B.Sc., Post Graduate Pharma QA & QC, MBA / TECH

Rathi Param is the president/founder of NACPT Pharma College, International Medical Cannabis Association (IMCA), and Validation Tech Inc. Rathi earned her B.Sc. in Chemistry from University Ottawa, MBA in Technology from the University of Phoenix and Post Graduate Pharmaceutical QA & QC Certification from SRN Institute. She is an innovative and creative leader with more than twenty years of hands-on experience in many scientific industries (medical cannabis, medical devices, environmental, food, pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical), complemented with fifteen years of academic and corporate training experience. She possesses extensive expertise and knowledge of Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Formulation, Validation, Technology Transfer, Manufacturing Technology, Process Improvements, Auditing, and Inspection.

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Maha Mutshar

Graduate from Cannabis Quality Control and Quality Assurance Post-secondary Diploma

NACPT Pharma College is a great institution to learn all the skills that you need for Pharma and Cannabis industries through high-quality education and hands-on training for lab testing. I have completed my Cannabis QA, QC Diploma Program and I got my full-time job in Cannabis Industry, so I would like to thank all the great professors for helping me to get success.

Martin Depta

Graduate from Industrial Cannabis Production Technology Post-secondary Diploma

A great College with excellent staff. The Dean of the college Rathi Param is always motivating students to get the experience they need to move their career forward. Taking the Industrial Cannabis Production program helped me get a job in the industry and gave me the tools I need to think of my own business ideas.

Amy Liam

Graduate from Cannabis Quality Control and Quality Assurance Post-secondary Diploma

I found the Cannabis Quality Control and Quality Assurance advanced diploma program covers all the quality assurance systems, analytical testing requirements, various technical procedures, cannabis testing instrumentation such as HPLC, GC-MS, Dissolution Apparatus, Chem Station Software, and etc. Currently, I am using all the skills that I learned from this great program!

Manika Sharma

Graduate from Cannabis Quality Control and Quality Assurance Post-secondary Diploma

NACPT Pharma College provided a tremendous boost to my career and connected my educational background with the booming cannabis industry. I was a scientist back home and was new to Canada. NACPT strengthen my skills and bridge my practical knowledge in Plant Biotechnology and me to navigate into this new cannabis industry. I am really thankful to NACPT Director and staff to make this happen and I highly recommend this college to everyone… there is something there for everyone.

Nora Samuel

Graduate from Industrial Cannabis Production Technology Post-secondary Diploma

The Industrial Cannabis Production Technology advanced diploma program is a very technology-driven training program that helped me learn about cultivation and extraction techniques as per Health Canada regulatory requirements, quality, and all other related concepts to secure a position in a leading Cannabis Company. I will recommend this comprehensive program to anyone who wants to develop a career in the cannabis space or start a cannabis business on their own.

Tyler Harrison

Graduate from Industrial Cannabis Production Technology Post-secondary Diploma

This school was great it gave me all the skills, knowledge and resources to get into the competitive cannabis industry. The school enabled me to work full time and still complete my education. I am now working as an assistant master grower for an LP and I am as happy as can be. Thanks to all the amazing professors and big thanks to Rathi for everything you have done to assist in my success. Truly thankful!

Dimple Kara

Graduate from  Industrial Cannabis Production Technology 

The course is in-depth and the subjects discussed were applicable to the course. It is unique to the college as compared to other courses offered by other colleges. Yes, I would definitely recommend this program to others. Year 2020.


Francesco Baafunno

Graduate from Industrial Cannabis Production Technology

The service was awesome, the delivery was perfect even in transition times such as the beginning of the pandemic. The preparation of the professors is practical and adequate, not only theoretical. My experience with NACPT was wonderful, fellow students, staff management, were always available to promptly help me out with any need. The preparation and the programs are exactly what the industry is looking to acquire so the career opportunities are immediate. I recommend to any student also International to attend NACPT programs to be prepared for the venues in the industry.

Position: Master Grower/QA Consultant/Business Developer 



Healthcare / Research / Government organizations


  • NACPT Pharma College conducts cannabis career and business information/networking events on monthly basis. Please contact us to register.
  • NACPT Pharma College also conducts Alumni net-working events every 6 months with the intention of assisting current students to join NACPT alumni network and alumni members to connect with the industrial workforce and exchange their ideas. The events include 1 to 2 guest speakers from the cannabis industry to join the alumni net-working events.

Partner Companies

Global Medical Procedures

GLOBAL MEDICAL PROCEDURES: Global Medical producers is a leader in providing world-class medical cannabis formulations to Canada. Also, GMP holds a partnership network with several other top cannabis and pharmaceutical companies. The affiliation of NACPT with GMP provides opportunities for students from cannabis programs to participate in industrial workshops and seminars. GMP also aids students by hiring them and nurturing them with the production exposures including field trips within GMP certified facilities.

Green Amber Canada

GREEN AMBER CANADA: Green Amber Canada handles the innovative cannabis cultivation and processing techniques. NACPT has an affiliation with Green Amber Canada, which provides services to our students based on the cultivation techniques and assortment of genetics. They also provide opportunities for students from cannabis and pharmaceutical programs to get jobs and obtain production exposures in various aspects including field trips in hemp and cannabis fields. Green Amber Canada is partnered with NACPT Pharma College and its affiliates also in terms of cannabis research and developmental studies, cannabis analytical testing, and more


Blackrose Organics

BLACK ROSE ORGANICS: Black Rose Organics is efficient in handling the sophisticated and organic cultivation methods in cannabis cultivation. NACPT is affiliated with Black Rose Organics, which plays a crucial role in providing opportunities for students from cannabis and pharmaceutical programs to get jobs in various firms including field trips in hemp and cannabis fields. Their group of cannabis enthusiasts is also well known for providing hands-on training in the cannabis industry. Black Rose is working with NACPT Pharma College and NACPT affiliated organizations in terms of cannabis research and developmental studies, cannabis analytical testing and more.

Lambda Therapeutic Limited (CRO)

LAMBDA THERAPEUTIC LIMITED(CRO): Lambda Therapeutic Limited provides cutting edge service in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. NACPT has an affiliation with Lambda to deliver opportunities for students from clinical research programs regarding placements and experience within clinical studies

Pharma Medica

PHARMAMEDICA RESEARCH INC: NACPT is affiliated with a well known Canadian research and development company called Pharmamedica Research Inc. They assist our graduates in terms of job placements and campus recruitments. NACPT invites Pharmamedica Research Inc. for the students after postgraduate diploma Pharmaceutical and Bio-pharmaceutical Clinical Research program to recruit the qualified NACPT graduates for possible job opportunities within multiple sites of the company.



CACHICO TECH CONSULTING INC: CaChiCo Tech is a pharmaceutical company with the mission of producing high-quality health products and equipment. CaChiCo Consulting is partnered with NACPT to provide corporate training services regarding medical devices, vaccines, agro pesticides, and so on used in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies across the world and accruing suitable projects for NACPT graduates.


ARGUS LABORATORIES INC: Argus Laboratory is a small-scale laboratory in Toronto, Ontario. It provides services on cannabis, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical testing. Argus is currently aiming towards R&D Method Development as well as providing superior training programs to college students and graduates. Their team of chemists is experts in quality control and method development. NACPT has an affiliation with Argus to provide excellent training to our students in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.


A.S. CHEMICAL LABORATORIES INC: A.S chemical laboratory is a pioneer in supplying pharmaceutical API to many pharmaceutical/chemical companies, food , and flavor industry. NACPT has established an affiliation with A.S. Chemical Laboratories in terms of providing quality service and training to our students. The services provided during the training sessions will be based on chemical analyses, method development, and validation. A.S. Chemical Laboratories also offers the job for co-op/contract positions for qualified NACPT candidates.



CHEMI PHARMACEUTICAL INC: NACPT has extended the partnership with Chemi Pharmaceutical Inc. to provide corporate training and placement services. Both NACPT and Chemi Pharmaceutical Inc., are working based on student services. A wide range of services regarding the chemical and pharmaceutical industry will be taught to the students along with the hands-on experience. The Company will also recruit the best performing students during the training session.


VALIDATIONTECH INC: NACPT is a leading company in modern validation technology. They provide services to several cannabis and pharmaceutical industries. Currently, Validation Tech Inc., is a Health Canada’s approved cannabis testing facility to provide analytical testing services to cannabis licensed producers and natural health products (NHP) in the market. NACPT is affiliated with Validationtech Inc., in terms of participating in the outsourcing projects for cannabis and NHP analytical testing, facility validation, utility validation, equipment validation (IQ/OQ/PQ), method development and method validation, computer validation, cleaning validation, sterile validation, process validation, cleanroom certification, temperature mapping, and many more related services. Validation Tech provides co-op/contract positions for qualified NACPT candidates.

INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL CANNABIS ASSOCIATION: NACPT has an affiliation with IMCA opportunities to offer more opportunities for students from cannabis and pharmaceutical programs. ICMA plays a major role in recruiting students regarding the R&D fields. Also, students attain exposure in various aspects including infused product developmental studies, tissue culture, cloning, stability studies, and testing method development and validation. There are various other affiliations of NACPT to aid students in placements and exposures regarding the related fields.



PATHEON Inc., is a pharmaceutical company who produces pharmaceutical medications and performs technology transfer, validation, quality control and quality assurance services to its clients. Patheon Inc.,hires NACPT graduates in various capacities.

CMAX Technologies Inc., is a R&D company in Markham, Ontario. CMAX Technologies Inc. provides services for Natural Health Products (NHP) and Cannabis R&D. NACPT has an affiliation with CMAX Technologies Inc., to provide excellent training to our students in cannabis and NHP.

Accreditations and Affiliations

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