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The Job Grant is one of the prominent financial aids delivered by the Government of Ontario to employers. The Canada Ontario Job Grant will minimize employers’ expenses in training their employees with the necessary skills for greater responsibilities and maintaining or upgrading a worker’s knowledge of an existing role. The fund will be provided to the small, medium, and large businesses, elevating short-term training efficiency to the current and new employees.

Funding Details

This initiative taken by the Government of Canada is mainly to support the employers financially. The Canada – Ontario Job Grant will fund, on average two-thirds of an employee’s eligible training costs to a maximum of $15,000.

The fund provided by the Government of Canada for the job grant will be delivered by the Government of Ontario.

Eligibility Criteria

There are a certain set of conditions designed by the Ontario government for the company looking for a job grant facility.

  • A firm with 100 or more employees, will have to contribute half of their training costs. If the number of employees is less than 100, then ⅙ of the contribution has to be made by employers.
  • An eligible, third party trainer should only deliver the training to the employee.

For more details/criteria about the job grant services provided by the Ontario Government, visit the Canada- Ontario Government website at Canada Ontario Job Grant.

Benefits of Employers

As the Canada Ontario Job Grant is an employer-driven training program, it allows the employers to experience numerous benefits. It is crucial for every company to grow and to remain updated with the trends in the marketplace. To uplift a company’s position in the market, they need to enhance or add new skill sets to their team. This job grant facilitates all the financial needs of a company to fulfill their needs by providing them with the necessary funds to train their employees with the updated skills.

Highlights of NACPT in Job Grants

NACPT Pharma College is an award-winning college that is approved for the Canada Ontario Job Grant program. We play a significant role in helping employers to use the Canada Job Grant to subsidize a wide range of courses to train their employees.

Also, NACPT Pharma College provides training in a wide variety of sectors which will be beneficial to employers. The list of courses for which the training will be delivered is mentioned below.

  • Medical Cannabis
  • Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical industries: Areas like Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Research and Development, Method Development, Validation and Manufacturing Technology, Formulation, Regulatory Affairs, and Clinical Research.
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • International Business Administrations
  • Accounting and Payroll Administration

NACPT currently has 3 eligible Post Graduate(PG) diploma and 9 post-secondary diploma programs and more than 60 certificate training courses, which can be utilized by Canada Job Grant. We assure that hands-on-training will be offered to the employees by a dedicated team of highly qualified industry specialists. To streamline the professional capabilities of our graduates, training will be given based on the latest developments and technologies.

We are happy to announce that, recently many cannabis licensed producers and pharmaceutical companies are contacting our college to get skilled professionals and graduates to work to fulfill their staffing needs. Canada job grant is an excellent source for Canadian employers to utilize and have a skilled workforce following regulatory requirements and industry standards.

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