Cannabis Retail Store Employee Certification

CannSell Expert Certification

Live Session

  • Time: 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Level of Training: Intermediate | Beginner | Expert
  • Mode of Delivery: Live, Interactive and Instructor-led
  • Fee: $995

Both Online and OnCampus training is available

Program Overview

Recreational sales of cannabis in private retail stores across Canada are regulated, licensed and enforced by AGCO under the provincial Cannabis License Act, 2018.

Cannabis retail store employees are now required to successfully complete CannSell training, an AGCO Board-approved cannabis retail employee training program, to support the safe sale and consumption of cannabis. The training will also help businesses gain improved customer satisfaction, safe and effective sales and business operations and a productive and cohesive workforce through an efficient team of product and customer expertise.

NACPT Pharma College in collaboration with CannSell will now provide Cannsell Expert Corporate Training Certification at our campus. This two-day Expert Program will be live, interactive and instructor-led and attendees may choose online or onsite training as they prefer.

Attendees may interact with the class and lead trainers for more clarifications or concerns.

Program Offers

  • Register for 4 certificate programs at NACPT and get both Basic and Expert Cannsell Certifications for free.
  • Attendees will be issued the certificate of completion at the end of the training program.

Additional Program Info

  • Program Focuses
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Who Should Attend

Program Module

The CannSell certification curriculum will focus on the following:

  • Safe sales practices of cannabis products through hands-on training.
  • Access to mandated CannSell standard certification as well as extensive cannabis retail training with cutting-edge science and sales instruction.
  • Cannabis trends and retail knowledge to expand and evolve your business in the industry.
  • Make sure your front-line employees and management are up to date on the newest advancements in cannabis science and how it interacts with the human body.
  • Interactive learning method for problem-solving, customer service, and sales abilities in retail learning.
  • Customized training is available for different business entities.

Learning Outcomes

After successful completion of this course, students will learn:

  • The latest in cannabis science and how it interacts with the body
  • Customer service and sales best practices and the art of bud-tending
  • Safe handling, hygiene and store cleanliness and disinfection measures
  • The cannabis plant and products inside and out
  • Effective upselling and cross-selling techniques
  • Safe and responsible use
  • Interactive problem-solving
  • Safety, laws, & regulations

Who Should Attend

Employees in the following positions working in a cannabis retail store must attend this program:

  • Store managers
  • Retail licence holders
  • Licensed Producers
  • Quality Assurance Persons
  • Hiring Managers
  • Store Operators

Faculty of CannSell Certification

Kunal Sudan

CEO, Delta Eight Pharmaceuticals, Faculty Member of Industrial Cannabis Production Technology

Kunal Sudan earned his BA from McMaster University and Graduate Certificate in Mental Health and Addictions from Ryerson University. Kunal has been training students and cannabis licensed producers in various topics in the cannabis industry since 2019 at NACPT Pharma College. He has a thorough knowledge of Health Canada’s Cannabis Act and Regulations and all related regulations required in the cannabis industry.

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Agnes Yu Lin

Graduate from Cannabis Fundamentals and Retail Certificate Program

Helpful and useful information. Learned a lot behind cannabis and its effects. This will be extremely useful for my workplace.


Very useful and very detailed. I enjoyed learning from the instructor very much.

Paul Robert

Graduate from Cannabis Fundamentals and Retail Certificate Training

The course provided valuable information regarding the chemical compounds of cannabis. This will be quite useful in helping customers.

Nathanial Awram

Graduate from Cannabis Fundamentals and Retail Certificate Program

Information was delivered in a very thorough manner. The course was full of very useful/valuable information. I enjoyed the open floor which allowed for a level of comfort, interaction and asking questions and great opportunity to learn and educate myself/ourselves on the biochemistry of cannabis and human physiological responses; as well as useful anecdotal research.

Kera Hendricks

Graduate from Cannabis Fundamentals and Retail Certificate Training

Using “layman’s terms” for those who are less educated. More inclusivity – games, tests, quizzes, etc. All useful information; debunked many myths.

Len Luna

Graduate from Cannabis Fundamentals and Retail Certificate Training

I learned a lot about legal products by the OCS, as well as the respect you are to always give the city. It’s great to have that knowledge to pass on and compare OCS to the blackmarket. Happy to have been a part of the course. Would recommend to everyone! Thank You!

Roxana M. Olaru

Graduate from Cannabis Fundamentals and Retail Certificate Training

Kunal goes very in depth, with passion. I learned a lot today and will definitely carry this with me and spread my knowledge to others. I would 10/10 recommend this to other cannabis retailers.

Leonardo Castillo

Graduate from Cannabis Fundamentals and Retail Certificate Training

As an experienced bud tender, I found the information to be extremely informative. As the cannabis industry continues to grow we need to be more and more informed and having a course in this can allow many people to properly learn about the benefits and negative effects of cannabis.


The instructor is very thorough, charismatic, and engaging. He was able to make the course very easy to understand and enjoyable to learn.

Rohan Robinson

Graduate from Cannabis Fundamentals and Retail Certificate Training

The class was highly informative and engaging. I had a lot of fun learning about cannabis and its chemical/biological properties. A lot of the information I learned today I could pass on to customers that come into my stores.

Zana Gabriel Gordon

Graduate from Cannabis Fundamentals and Retail Certificate Training

Yes everyone involved with the cannabis industry should have this basic or more informative/in depth training in order to familiarize themselves with background knowledge. Hands on/visual interactions would be a nice addition to the course.

Erik Chrons

Graduate from Cannabis Fundamentals and Retail Certificate Program

Went in with limited knowledge and came out feeling like my sales will be a lot better now I’m more comfortable now that I understand my products.



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