5 Healthcare Jobs in Canada You Can Qualify for in a Year

Working in healthcare offers many advantages, especially because it is such a diverse industry in Canada, which has one of the strongest public healthcare systems in the world.

Because healthcare employees must typically undergo rigorous training and education, many positions have high earning prospects. However, in Canada, you can qualify for a variety of careers in the healthcare field in just under a year. We’ll look at the five such healthcare occupations in Canada that you can qualify for in a year through this blog.

Medical Office Administrators

Medical office administrators assist in the proper operation of medical offices by performing a variety of clerical duties. Employees may rely on them for administrative help, file organisation, work schedule planning, and patient treatment for walk-in patients. They also handle administrative duties and supervise other administrative staff members. Clients are greeted, phone calls are returned, and emails are monitored by MOAs.

Medical office administrators are also responsible for the operation and upkeep of medical office equipment, as well as doing research and creating reports for supervisors and other employees. They make appointments, book them, and organise the supplies they’ll need. Office administrators keep track of inventory and the operation of all medical equipment, as well as creating and archiving patient-related documentation such as patient records, insurance claims, and test results.

Medical Transcriptionist

Medical transcriptionists are in charge of transcribing voice recordings made by physicians and other healthcare professionals into medical reports, summaries, consultation minutes, and other medical records. They also use voice recognition technology to evaluate and edit reports and spoken content for spelling, grammar, clarity, consistency, and suitable medical terminology.

Medical transcriptionists often translate medical terminology and acronyms while preparing medical histories, discharge summaries, and other papers for patients. Medical transcriptionists are often employed in hospitals and physician’s offices. Medical transcriptionists must follow professional standards for patient confidentiality and remedy any inaccuracies that could jeopardise patient care and medical risk.

Healthcare support worker

Healthcare support workers are specialized caregivers who assist sick or elderly persons with their everyday needs at home. Their main job is to provide long- or short-term care for persons who are unable to care for themselves. They help people, independent of their illnesses or limitations, improve the standard of living. This implies they have the expertise and skills to assure the comfort, safety, and emotional and physical well-being of their patients.

Healthcare support workers operate in a variety of contexts and under the direction of a healthcare professional, assisting and supporting patients on their road to recovery. Healthcare support jobs offer a variety of work options depending on your preference of work. Depending on your chosen environment and the healthcare professionals you serve, healthcare support workers may be referred to as healthcare assistants, nursing assistants, or maternity assistants in some organizations.

Patient Care Assistant

Patient care assistants are one of the medical personnel that patients are most likely to encounter on a regular basis, providing basic medical and personal care. They also assist patients with a variety of chores, including bathing and dressing them, assisting them in the restroom, feeding them, and taking vital signs and charting medical information. Patient care assistants also assist patients with turning and repositioning in bed as needed, as well as transitioning between the bed and a wheelchair if they use one. They pay attention to any health issues that patients have and communicate them to the nurses.

Home support worker

A home support worker is a person who looks after a patient’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being who is unable to do it themselves, mainly among the elderly. A home support worker’s main responsibilities include ensuring that the patient consumes appropriate and nutritional meals, providing one-on-one care such as personal care and light housework, and ensuring that the client’s support plans’ specific objectives and requirements are satisfied. 

Home care workers must support individuals with leisure activities, safety, and social and emotional requirements while keeping note of daily prescription updates, daily routines, and any unexpected occurrences.

You can qualify for the above jobs by graduating in 1 year post-secondary diploma programs such as Medical Office Administration or Personal Support Worker in Canada. Every qualified student will be eligible for educational grants and the job assistance program. For more information visit us at www.NacptPharmaCollege.com.

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