Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why do you need to join a Career College?

Fresh Graduates

Professional training is the institution to build a successful career after completion of a university degree. A good career training program teaches you the fundamentals of the job you hope to do in the real world. It excels your knowledge base with hands-on training and creates opportunities for you to achieve the dream job that you are aspiring for. You are also taught how to utilize your softer skills in your workplace which is one of the important areas which employers look for in the new recruits. The endearing amalgamation of such comprehensive training helps you succeed in today’s world.

  • It boosts your confidence
  • Training is valued by employers
  • Gives you a competitive edge over other applicants
  • It adds to your earning potential

New Migrants to Canada

Career training is the first choice for thousands of newcomers every year when they are looking for information to start their new career life in Canada. You might be having higher education and experience in your native or other countries of the world; however, it is important to integrate yourself into the Canadian society and build up your network in this country. Professional training helps you to upgrade your current expertise and offers you the platform to network with people from the industry and opens the opportunity to get employed easily.

Career Change

At some point in your career, you might be interested in changing your career path or might have been laid off from a job. A professional training program is just the right way for a new beginning. Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities offer various grants for such candidates looking for a second career.

Career Growth

Professional development planning or career growth makes good business sense from both employee and employer perspectives. It helps the employers to retain their employees for a long time, build loyalty, and thus increases productivity. On the other hand, good talented people naturally want to advance, and appreciate meaningful support in the process of employment. Career training improves the skills and helps to take the employees to the next level in their career.

Why should you choose NACPT?

NACPT nailed down the requirements of all groups of people to offer comprehensive training programs for the Cannabis, Pharmaceutical, and biopharmaceutical industries.

Our exclusivity is to offer:

  • Fast-track Training
  • Short Term Hands-on Training
  • Co-op & Job Placement Assistance
  • Opening to Maximum Job Opportunities
  • Industry Experts Instructors
  • Modern Laboratory Facilities
  • Full Time/Part Time Programs
  • One on One Job Assistance program
  • Scholarships for qualified candidates
  • Work and Study option
  • Helping with other potential needs: residence, insurance policy, travel arrangements, immigration matters, and related services

Which job sectors can I join after graduating from NACPT?

At NACPT, various programs/courses are available which will help you work in Cannabis, Pharmaceutical, Bio-pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Nutraceutical, Food, and Cosmetic industries. Graduates can work in hospitals, clinical research, biotech, or any other healthcare organization too after acquiring the diploma.

Is there any career counselor available to guide me at NACPT?

Yes. Our career counselors are experienced and trained to guide each individual according to their requirements.

What professional help will I get after your program at NACPT?

At NACPT, we offer all our graduates the service of professional career counseling, preparing a CV,  job searching, and job interview training free of charge. Learn more about our Job Assistance program here.

When can you join the programs/courses?

Our programs roll all year round, so you can join any time of the year. Contact Us for more details.

How long does a program/course take to complete?

Each program or certificate program has its own time and schedule. Please visit our website here to know the duration of each course.

NACPT provides:

Post Graduate Diploma and/or Post-secondary Diploma in Healthcare, Cannabis, Business & Finance, Information Technology, and Hospitality & Tourism industries.

Around 40 Fast-track Certificate Programs for Cannabis and Pharmaceutical industries

And various Corporate Training and Consulting Programs

How can you get financial assistance?

We understand the needs of our students and work accordingly to arrange financial assistance for them. NACPT will help qualified candidates to apply for Job Grants, Second Career, or NACPT grants. Please visit the concerned pages to check the options for financial assistance or contact us for more information.

Who should you contact?

Please call us at 416-412-7374 or Text at 647-998-7374

You can Email us at info@nacptpharmacollege.com or leave us your info here.

Where is NACPT located?

We are located in the heart of Toronto as well as in Mississauga, Ontario. Our addresses are:

Toronto Campus: 

5310 Finch Ave East, Unit #9,

Toronto, ON

M1S 5E8


Brampton Campus: 

44 Queen St E,
Brampton, ON

L6V 1A2


See our locations on the map below for directions!

Toronto Campus

Brampton Campus

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