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Part – Time Applicants

Part - Time Applicants

The part – time programs are courses that do not require a longer period of time. The courses that are considered as the part – time courses by NACPT are

All certificate program

Online courses

Webinar training programs

Please Note: The application process, application/deposit fees, and document checklist differ for domestic and international applicants. To know more about the registration process and fees check the related pages.

The checklist for the application is listed down for student’s reference:

Application Checklist

  1. Select the program of your choice (Healthcare, Cannabis, Business, IT , or Hospitality & Tourism).
  2. Ensure to have all the documents in the checklist mentioned according to the applicant category (domestic/international) on the respective page.
  3. Fill out the application form and apply it along with the required documents to info@nacpt.ca.
  4. Make the application payment as mentioned on the domestic/international applicant page.

Once you have successfully submitted the application form, you will receive a phone/e-mail confirmation from a NACPT co-ordinator.

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