5 Important Job Responsibilities Of A PSW


A personal support worker is a caregiver who assists disabled or old patients with their everyday needs at home. A properly certified personal support worker can meet various needs of the person they are caring for such as physical, and psychosocial needs, as they have the knowledge and talents to assure their convenience, health, and mental and physical well-being. A personal support worker’s title and responsibilities may differ depending on the type of location they work in, such as a healthcare setting.

In this blog you will learn some common responsibilities of a personal support worker who works in any kind of long term care setting.

Assisting with daily activities

A personal support worker is responsible for assisting the client in their fundamental requirements. They are typically in charge of the client’s hygiene, which includes bathing, oral hygiene (cleaning dentures or brushing teeth), hair washing, dressing and undressing according to their preferences, bedtime care, safe client transfer within the facility, bedpan or urinal as requested, and other related cares.

They must aid clients with safe lifts and transfers, as well as turn and position routinely. As a result, PSWs must be physically capable and have the capacity to offer personal and clinical care to clients as needed.

Documentation and Reporting

Personal Support Workers must keep a careful eye on the client they are responsible for and report any changes, progress, or safety concerns to the supervising Registered Nurse. You are acting on behalf of the client who may require emergency medical treatment or care from certified medical practitioners. This can be done while providing morning care, feeding assistance, and walking assistance. If you see any problems with the client, you should notify the registered staff immediately to avoid critical situations.

If you are working in shifts you must get the report from the previous shifts before proceeding to your tasks as this will help you understand the client needs aptly.

Respect and Heed Client Requests

A client is always reliant on their support worker, who is also the person with whom they have the most contact. As a PSW, it is critical that you respect and appreciate your client’s autonomy in making decisions and choices for themselves while always keeping the client’s best interests in mind.

You must also be aware of your client’s personal beliefs and take care not to take them personally, as this could lead to disagreements or disputes. If you make decisions for your client’s wellbeing, you must do it with their knowledge and permission. Because you are caring for the client in such a close environment, you must always respect their privacy and maintain the confidentiality of their personal information.

Meal Preparation and Food Intake

Another vital responsibility of a personal support worker is to prepare meals according to the client’s diet plan. Before you begin caring for your client, you must be informed of all of their physician’s nutritional recommendations. You’ll make a variety of meals based on this and ensure that the clients are comfortable with the current diet plan. You must also assist with the delivery, setting, and feeding of clients as indicated in their care plan, as well as monitor and report on their eating habits. You can also express the client’s needs and preferences to the RN and work out an agreement on diet adjustments.



You may be asked to undertake minor housekeeping tasks in addition to providing personal care and meal preparation if you work with clients in their homes or other healthcare settings where they are not helped by others. Cleaning and mopping, changing bed and pillow coverings and other linens, clearing trash, doing laundry, stocking up on personal belongings and self-care items, deodorizing their environment, and providing appropriate leisure activities to keep them occupied and entertained are just a few of the housekeeping tasks a PSW is responsible for. In a clean, organized, and sanitary environment, the client will feel more energized and positive.

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