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How to become a Cannabis Master Grower in Canada?

What is a Master Grower?

A master grower of cannabis is someone who has expertise in cannabis plant science and possesses the skills and experience to grow cannabis at an industrial scale.

Expectations from a Master Grower

A Master Grower should possess the following skillset :

  • In-depth understanding of the plants and the environment.
  • The ability to control heat, light, wind, water, and soil conditions from day one.

Why is a Cannabis Master Grower Needed?

  • Initial ventures in cannabis growing can be a bit overwhelming.
  • Indoor and outdoor growing will require different methods.
  • Controlling each aspect of the environment and understanding the plant biology
  • Assuring growth of high-quality cannabis.

Benefits of Growing Cannabis

The following are the benefits of growing cannabis :


  • When grown indoors, you can grow cannabis almost anywhere – even in a small apartment.
  • Indoor grown cannabis will have more protection, privacy, and control
  • You can tick judgmental neighbours off your list and you won’t be tied to the cycle of the sun.


  • Environment friendly
  • Lower cost
  • Plants can grow any size you want.

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