5 Hospitality and Tourism Careers in Canada

The Hospitality and Tourism industry is one of many that need a high level of dedication to fulfill customer standards. Event planning, accommodation, travel and tourism, and food catering are all examples of service sectors that fall under the hospitality umbrella. Working in the hotel industry necessitates dedication, exceptional problem-solving abilities, exceptional organizational abilities, and a deep awareness of the industry and someone who is eager to learn new abilities quickly.

Hotel Manager 

A Hotel Manager is in charge of all hotel operations and must have great communication, problem-solving, and management abilities in order to deal with both clients and employees. Hotel managers must ensure that every customer is satisfied and that the best services and features of the hotel, restaurant, and other offers are offered to ensure that the customer has a pleasant stay. They adhere to the hotel’s policies and procedures, as well as the quality and standards of the service. They  should give the guests the greatest customer service possible and should also plan strategically and target potential clients to optimize revenues. 

Event Manager

Client-requested events and occasions are planned within a set budget and deadline by the event manager. Because they are in charge of creating and executing great events for guests, event managers should have good organizational skills as well as a grasp of event planning and marketing methods. All event planning activities are coordinated and overseen by them. They should also give recommendations and work with the customer to put things in place based on their preferences and requirements, ensuring that the final product meets their needs.

Restaurant Manager

Restaurant managers are in charge of overseeing and arranging everyday operations as well as ensuring that customers have a pleasant meal. They  provide the best possible service to their customers, from helping them make product choices to guaranteeing quick payment transactions. Personnel management, cook and waiting staff coordination, and inventory management are just a few of their responsibilities. Fast food restaurants, fine dining restaurants, and casual dining restaurants are all places where restaurant managers can work. They also respond to consumer concerns quickly and properly, and train employees to avoid similar problems in the long run.

Accommodation Manager

Accommodation managers are in charge of all operations of accomodation places and guarantee that all guest rooms and common spaces are kept clean to the best quality. In the absence of a front office manager, they oversee the housekeeping department as well as front office operations. They inspect guest rooms, public areas, and recreational areas on a regular basis for cleanliness and appearance, as well as to ensure that they are kept to hotel standards and in strict conformity with hotel policy.

Housekeeping Room Attendant

Room attendants are in charge of cleaning and maintaining guest rooms, as well as ensuring that they are always welcoming and tidy. The attendant must start by removing soiled bedding and pillow coverings for cleaned, new linens when making a guest’s hotel room bed . A hotel room attendant’s responsibilities also include keeping the bathroom clean at all times and removing and replacing used towels with clean ones. Room attendants are responsible for inventory management and restocking as needed. They must also be pleasant and professional when greeting visitors and gladly providing any assistance they may require.

If you are interested in this industry a diploma in travel & tourism will help you qualify for any hospitality and tourism jobs in Toronto. At NACPT we provide a Hospitality and Tourism Diploma, a 2 year program, that will make you eligible for any of the above mentioned jobs. Every qualified student will be eligible for educational grants and the job assistance program that will make you career-ready to take up positions in the hospitality and tourism sector.

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