Gaurav Raval

Gaurav Raval, B. Sc.in Pharma Chemistry, M.Sc.in Pharma Sciences at University of Toronto



Gaurav Raval has joined the NACPT Lead Training Team in 2020 as part of the Cannabis Quality Control and Quality Assurance department. He trains students and employees in cannabis analytical testing, method development and validation using HPLC, GC and Dissolution Apparatus. Gaurav is a highly focused and detail-oriented analytical scientist with over 10 years of academic and professional experience specializing in the areas of R&D, analytical method development and validation, technical instrumentation and scientific report writing.

He obtained his M.Sc. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Toronto during which he conducted cutting-edge research in collaboration with well-known professors – Dr. Heiko Heerklotz and Dr. Shirley Wu. His research primarily focused on the ‘Biophysical interaction of anti-cancer drug Doxorubicin with novel lipid nanoparticles’ using various analytical instruments.

During the M.Sc. program, Gaurav also worked as a Teaching Assistant (TA) for teaching undergraduate life science courses and upper-year pharmacy courses (both labs and lectures). He also obtained a specialized Teaching Fundamental (TF) certificate from the TATP Institute at the University of Toronto. Prior to joining NACPT, Gaurav also worked as a Senior Analytical Chemist at the leading cGMP contract development and manufacturing company, Dalton Pharma Services.

He also worked as a Scientist at a pharmaceutical contract testing company called Exova Inc. (now called Element Materials Technology). At these companies, Gaurav was primarily responsible for optimizing, developing and validating HPLC/UPLC and GC analytical methods for various product formulations including cough syrups (Impurity analysis), tablets, lipid formulations, biological products (Vitamins and Amino Acid analysis) and cannabis products (CBN creams and CBD oil). Gaurav has a working knowledge of cGMP, GLP, USP and ICH guidelines.

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