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Pauline Garrard

Pauline Garrard

CEO-Canna Relief Consulting Canada


Pauline Garrard is an advocate of Medical Marijuana and a patient since 2014. After suffering from debilitating neck pain for years, she was diagnosed with severe arthritis. She became discouraged after years of taking many different types of pain medication, because of unwanted and dangerous side effects. She finally went to her doctor to ask for a prescription for Medical Marijuana. After being turned down by her own doctor and a specialist, she went on a long journey to navigate the MMAR system (which was the system run by Health Canada before April 2014).

Two years later she was finally able to obtain a license to possess and use Medical Marijuana under the new MMPR rules. After she had her license and told people with serious health concerns about it, they all wanted help to navigate the system. That is when Canna Relief Consulting Canada Inc. was born in August 2014. The company started as a resource for patients to get assistance to access the Health Canada system by getting a prescription from a doctor. Pauline has taken many educational training including CCIC and the International Pharmaceutical Academy.

She has personally educated over 1,000 patients about medical cannabis. She holds a diploma in Sales and Marketing. Canna Relief provides up to date information which comes from their studying research and from feedback from existing patients. Their goal is to be experts in the options available for the delivery of Medical Marijuana for patients and to counsel patients in a compassionate and non-judgemental environment. In April 2017 the company opened their first Canna Relief storefront location in Mississauga, Ontario. The store sells natural hemp and other healthy products such as pain creams, probiotics, and vaporizers.

The store is also a resource for the public to learn about medical marijuana and the options available to them. Pauline is also working to promote and market the CannaRelief drink which is a CBD drink made from hemp. It is the first THC antidote on the market which reduces anxiety, nausea, and other negative symptoms which can occur from accidental THC overuse. It is being sold all over the USA and worldwide, and will be sold in pharmacies and other retail outlets in Canada when recreational cannabis legalization occurs in 2018

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