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Post Graduate Diploma

International Business Administration – Program Outline

Program Outline

Semester 1

IBA001 – Business Ethics (Bus 003)

  • This course introduces students to the basic legal and ethical aspects of business operations.
  • Students will understand the Canadian legal system & how different forms of businesses are regulated, such as Sole proprietorships, Partnerships, Corporations.
  • Other covered areas include employment law, consumer law, and competition law.
  • The course also emphasizes the importance of ethics and social responsibility in business.
  • Students will be able to identify, think critically about, and resolve ethical issues that they will encounter when operating a business.
  • These concepts will be covered through extensive case studies.

IBA002 – Fundamentals of Marketing (Mgt 010)

  • Introduction to the field of marketing.
  • It explains the importance of creating customer value and introduces them to marketing strategies and social responsibilities.
  • It also touches the four P’s and C’s in marketing in addition to branding, retailing, wholesaling, and personal selling.

IBA003 – Fundamentals of Accounting (Mgt 030)

  • This subject helps students learn the necessary financial and management accounting principles and practices.
  • It outlines the accounting cycle, financial assets, liabilities, financial statement analysis, costing and cost-benefit analysis, and capital budgeting.

IBA004 – Macro Economics (Econ 002)

  • Students study the economy of Canada vis-à-vis the global economy.
  • Topics covered in addition to other general concepts are Monetary policy of Canada, Government debts, Inflation, Deflation, Monetary policy of Canada, Government debts, International trade policy, Balance of payment & Trade agreements.

Semester 2

IBA005 – Introduction to HRM (Mgt 020)

  • This subject is designed to help students understand the importance of human resource management.
  • It will outline the basic requirements managers must follow regarding Recruiting, Training, And Managing employees in organizations.

IBA006 – Operations Research (Mgt 051)

  • The course encompasses all the primary tools of operations research.
  • Topics include Markov chains, TSP heuristics, new LP models, a simplex-based approach to LP sensitivity analysis, and more.

IBA007 – Organizational Behaviour (Mgt 005)

  • This course in Organization Behavior examines and analyzes organizations as open systems and focuses on Critical variables, including organizational culture, The external environment, organizational structure, motivation, Group dynamics, Leadership, change management, and communication.
  • The student will demonstrate increased competency by applying their knowledge and skills to contemporary business situations.

IBA008 – Introduction to Hospitality & Tourism (MGT 060)

  • This course focuses on the strategic management of MNEs.
  • Students examine the vision and mission of MNEs, analyze the impact of both internal and external environments including Politics, economics, geography, demography and competition on strategy formulation, implementation, evaluation and control process.

Semester 3

IBA009 – Managing Front Office Operations (Mgt061) IBA009

  • This subject trains the student regarding the various services undertaken at the front desk in any hotel or travel industry.
  • Topics cover guest services, rate structures, hotel reservations, as well as audits.

IBA0010 – Hospitality Law (Mgt 064)Good Clinical Practice (GCP)

  • This course focuses on the many legal issues that hotel operations face daily and the basic legal principles that govern the hospitality industry.

IBA0011 – Managing Technology in Hospitality Industry (Mgt 066)

  • This course includes technology strategies for the hospitality industry.
  • Topics cover various technologies used in restaurants, hotels, casinos, and other tourism sectors.

IBA0012 – Project Management(Mgt 040)

  • This subject is designed to help students understand the importance of project management.
  • It will outline the basic requirements managers must follow regarding Defining projects, estimating costs, developing a project plan, managing project teams, performance measurement, and closure.

Semester 4

IBA0013 – Strategic Management (Mgt 009)

  • This course on strategic management introduces the student to the purpose, mission, and vision of any organization.
  • It covers scanning the environment, the various business-level, corporate-level strategies, and the international strategy adopted by firms.

IBA0014 – Housekeeping (Mgt062)

  • This subject covers housekeeping in the hotel industry. Topics are managing inventories, controlling expenses, Laundry, guestroom cleaning, maintaining cleanliness in public area, Ceilings, walls, furniture, carpet, beds, linen, and so on.

IBA0015 – Food & Beverage Management (Mgt 063)

  • This subject covers types of foodservice industry,
  • Organization of food and beverage,
  • Preparing the menu and maintaining sanitation,
  • Safety while preparing and serving food and beverages.

IBA0016 – Training & Development in Hospitality Industry (Mgt 065)

  • This course prepares students to be excellent trainers who understand the role training plays in the organization, how to design it, and how to deliver it.
  • Topics covered are assessing training needs, training tools and techniques, imparting training, evaluation, orientation, and outsourcing.

Semester 5

IBA0017 – International & Canadian Tourism( Mgt 067)

  • This subject covers the impact of tourism on the Canadian economy, culture, and environment.

IBA0018 – Management Fundamentals (Mgt 001)

  • This subject provides an overview of management processes in organizations in terms of its functional areas.
  • The students will be able to understand and apply the various principles and practices of management.

IBA0019 – Micro Economics (Econ 001)

  • Students study fundamental economic principles and theories Topics covered are Economic Issues & Concepts & Theories, Demand, Supply & Price, Elasticity, Price Control & Market Efficiency, Consumer Behavior, Producers in the short run & the long run, Competitive. Markets, Monopoly, Cartels, and Price Discrimination, Imperfect Competition, Strategic Behavior, Economic Efficiency, Public Policy.

IBA0020 – Business Law (Bus 004)

  • Students learn the complex legal system in which businesses and individuals operate.
  • The Canadian constitution and the statutory and common law relevant to business and consumer transactions are covered.
  • Students are introduced to tort & competition law, contracts, consumer protection, real and intellectual property legislation relevant to the business.

Semester 6

IBA0021 – Statistics for Business (Bus 010)

  • This subject introduces students to the various statistical methods and analyses required in a business scenario.
  • It will cover probability, normal and sampling distribution, small sample and extensive sample tests, ANOVA, regression analysis.

IBA0022 – English Fundamentals (Eng 001)

  • This subject helps students acquire fluency in Standard English and understand the basic principles of grammar, punctuation, and writing.

IBA0023 – Computer Applications in Business (Comp 002)

  • This course will guide the student in studying the types of tasks they are likely to be required in a professional office environment. Students will learn Word 2013, Excel 2013, PowerPoint 2013, Outlook 2013, and Access 2013.
  • In addition, the course validates skills with the 2010 Microsoft Office Suite system to email, HD Conferencing, and calendar.

IBA0024 – Sales Management (Mgt 011)

  • This course provides students with their first introduction to the world of professional selling.
  • The course will provide a solid foundation of principles and techniques that will have a long-term payoff for those who supplement their professional customer service career objectives.
  • Project-based step-by-step procedures are integral components of this course.

IBA0025 – Co-op placement

  • This course aims to allow the students to apply their knowledge and skills acquired from all the courses within the program of study.
  • This 320-hour practicum will help students develop hands-on experience and core knowledge and skills as enumerated in the program.

International Business Administration

Credential Awarded: Post-secondary Diploma

Duration: Full-time / 2 years

Program Intakes:

Batch StartAdmission Deadline
Intake 1March 14, 2022February 14, 2022
Intake 2September 12, 2022August 12, 2022

Kindly Note

Due to COVID-19, all training classes have been moved online (live, interactive, and instructor-led) or onsite until further notice. Hybrid Learning Mode will be used for programs that include hands-on training (theory will be delivered online and hands-on training will be delivered on-site). Students who wish to receive onsite instruction may request the college. Please get in touch with us for more information!

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