Great workshop. Valuable Information. Year 2020.

Fabiana Lapa
Senior Account Manager at Isolocity Cannabis Quality Assurance webinar

Thank you for the internship!

Black Rose Organics

Excellent Lectures. Excellent learning Programs. Year 2020.

Joji Joseph
Consultant Clinical Oncologist at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust Cannabis Quality Assurance webinar

It was very useful and many information was covered during this training. Year 2020.

Alireza Asghari
Quality Assurance Manager at ROSE LifeScience Inc. Cannabis Quality Assurance webinar

Lecture was good, including the nutritive value of food, nutrition facts table and how it impacts on the treatment of diseases especially cannabis edibles for medical purposes. HACCP analysis was very good with details, overall. Year 2019.

Rachel Lyza
Nutrition Manager,Canadian Society of Nutrition Management Preventive Control Plans for Cannabis

The case studies and examples shared along with the dean’s much disciplined expertise really elevated our understanding of the quality control we need to be concerned about at every stage of the cannabis supply chain order to meet the highest international standards in a post-legalization world. A cross sectoral understanding of pharmaceutical and food service industries really enhanced the foundation of this course. Year 2019.

Arundati Dandapani
Preventive Control Plans for Cannabis

Useful to hear from experienced professionals and to validate the information currently understood. Year 2019.

Dario Jeginovic
Senior Consultant at CannDelta Inc. Preventive Control Plans for Cannabis

Very good starting point for PCP. Year 2019.

Nav Sidhu
Manager - Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs at Motif Labs Preventive Control Plans for Cannabis

This course was very useful in reassuring that all my studies have been correct along the line of following all aspects of GXP. Year 2020.

Katsirakeron McComber
Cannabis Master Grower Practices Production Team Member at SUBLIME CULTURE
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