Post Graduate Diploma

Hospitality & Tourism – Program Outline

Program Outline

Semester 1

HP001 – Introduction to Hospitality & Tourism (MGT 060)

  • Introduction to basic legal and ethical aspects of business
  • Canadian legal system and how different forms of businesses
    such as sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations are
  • Employment law, consumer law and competition law

HP002 – Fundamentals of Marketing (Mgt 010)

  • Field of marketing
  • Importance of creating customer value
  • Marketing strategies and social responsibilities involved while
  • Four P’s and C’s in marketing
  • Branding, retailing, wholesaling and personal selling.

HP003 – Fundamentals of Accounting (Mgt 030) 

  • Basic financial and management accounting principles and
  • Accounting cycle
  • Financial assets, liabilities
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Costing and cost-benefit analysis and capital budgeting.

HP004 – Macro Economics (Econ 002)

  • Economy of Canada vis-à-vis the global economy
  • Monetary policy of Canada, government debts, inflation,
    deflation, international trade policy, balance of payment, and
    trade agreements

HP005 – Introduction to HRM (Mgt 020)

  • Importance of human resource management
  • Basic requirements of managers

Semester 2

HP006 – Operations Research (Mgt 051)

  • Major tools of operations research
  • Markov chains
  • TSP heuristics
  • New LP models,
  • Simplex-based approach to LP sensitivity analysis.

HP007 – Organizational Behavior (Mgt 005)

  • Organizational culture,
  • External environment organizational structure,
  • Motivation, group dynamics, leadership, change management
  • Communication

HP008 – Business ethics ( 003)

  • Strategic management of MNEs
  • Front desk services in any hotel or travel industry
  • Guest services, rate structures, hotel reservations

HP009 – Managing Front Office Operations (Mgt061)

  • Front desk services in any hotel or travel industry
  • Guest services, rate structures, hotel reservations

HP0010 – Hospitality Law (Mgt 064)

  • Legal issues that hotel operations face daily
  • Basic legal principles that govern the hospitality industry

Semester 3

HP0011 – Managing Technology in Hospitality Industry (Mgt 066)

  • Technology strategies for the hospitality industry.
  • Various technologies used in restaurant, hotel, casino and other
    tourism sectors.

HP0012 – Project Management(Mgt 040)

  • Importance of project management
  • Basic requirements of managers

Semester 4

HP0013 – Strategic Management (Mgt 009)

  • Purpose, mission and vision of any organization
  • Various business level and corporate level strategies
  • International strategies adopted by firms in recent times

HP0014 – Housekeeping (Mgt062)

  • Housekeeping in the hotel industry
  • Managing inventories, controlling expenses
  • Laundry, guestroom cleaning, and maintaining cleanliness in
    a public area

HP0015 – Food & Beverage Management (Mgt 063)

  • Types of foodservice industry
  • Organization of food and beverage
  • Preparing the menu & Maintaining sanitation and safety

HP0016 – Training & Development in Hospitality Industry (Mgt 065)

  • Assessing training needs
  • Training tools and techniques
  • Imparting training
  • Evaluation, orientation and outsourcing.

HP0017 – International & Canadian Tourism( Mgt 067)

  • Impact of tourism on the Canadian economy, culture, and

Semester 5

HP0018 – Management Fundamentals (Mgt 001)

  • Overview of management processes in organizations
  • Functions of management

HP0019 – Micro Economics (Econ 001)

  • Fundamental economic principles and theories

HP0020 – Business Law (Bus 004)

  • Introduction to the complex legal system
  • Statutory and common law relevant to business and
    consumer transactions
  • Introduction to tort law, law of contracts, competition law,
    consumer protection, real and intellectual property
    legislations relevant to business.

HP0021 – Statistics for Business (Bus 010)

  • Various statistical methods and analysis that are required in
    a business scenario

Semester 6

HP0022 – English Fundamentals (Eng 001)

  • Fluency in Standard English
  • Basic principles of grammar, punctuation and writing

HP0023 – Computer Applications in Business (Comp 002)

  • Tasks in professional office environment

HP0024 – Sales Management (Mgt 011)

  • Introduction to professional selling

HP0025 – Co-op placement

  • Application of knowledge and skills in a practical

Hospitality & Tourism

Credential Awarded: Post-secondary Diploma

Duration: Full-time / 2 Years

Program Intakes: 

Intake 1 September 12, 2022
Intake 2 TBD

Kindly Note

Due to COVID-19, all training classes have been moved online (live, interactive, and instructor-led) or onsite until further notice. Hybrid Learning Mode will be used for programs that include hands-on training (theory will be delivered online and hands-on training will be delivered on-site). Students who wish to receive onsite instruction may request the college. Please get in touch with us for more information!

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