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“First Cannabis Post-Secondary Diploma” Provider in Canada

“Best Cultivation Education”
Awarded by Cannabis Industry Leaders, Grow-up – 2019


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Cannabis Diploma Programs

Cannabis Quality Control and Quality Assurance
Industrial Cannabis Production Technology
October 25, 2021

35 Weeks of Instructor -led program with Hands-on Training and Job Assistance.

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Cannabis Post-secondary Diplomas

North American College of Pharmaceutical & Technology, established in the year 2009, is the first cannabis diploma provider in Canada!

As a pioneer in cannabis education across North America, we have a reputation for industry-recognized credentials across the world.

With the legalization of cannabis, Canada has become a leader in the global market. However there is a tremendous lack of qualified professionals in this industry!

As a career college we serve the needs of an ever-increasing population of job seekers interested in cannabis sector, supplement their job-related inadequacies, and helps facilitate the smooth transition of qualified individuals into their career aspirations in the cannabis industry.

Read further to learn more about our post-secondary diploma programs!

Cannabis Quality Control and Quality Assurance

The Cannabis Quality Control and Quality Assurance program provides you with the technical knowledge and skills for assuring that each cannabis product is safe and suitable for sale or to be provided under the Cannabis Act and Regulations.

Our Quality Assurance for Cannabis training is recognized by industry leaders and accepted by regulatory agencies across Canada and at a global level.


Cannabis Plant Science, Chemistry & Regulations

Foundation for cannabis cultivation, processing, infused product development and packaging processes.

Quality Assurance

Critical Quality Assurance systems needed for cannabis production processes.

Quality Control

Critical evaluation elements required for product quality including raw materials, in-process and finished products.


All unique GxP requirements for implementing various QMS within an entire operation


Food science and edible-related regulations in the infused product development training through case studies and production methods.

Cannabis Validation

The cannabis analytical testing method validation that are mandatory GPP and EU-GMP regulatory requirements for cannabis production.

Bio-Technology & Tissue Culture

The scientific and technological ways of making cannabis via biotechnological, extraction, and tissue culture processes.

Audit & Inspection

How to develop and implement audit and inspection programs for cannabis quality assurance and quality management systems.

SOP Development for Cannabis

All the SOP requirements for various cannabis operations and businesses which is a mandatory GPP requirement according to Cannabis Act.

Licensing Process for Cannabis

Health Canada’s licensing processes and navigating CTLS required to apply for any cannabis license in Canada and go through the entire security clearance process via Health Canada’s portal.

Hands-On QAQC Lab Training

Hands-on quality control training in HPLC, GC and Dissolution testing systems and software.

Industrial Cannabis Production Technology

The Industrial Cannabis Production Technology is a technology-driven comprehensive post-secondary diploma program that covers all major aspects of the cannabis, edible and related sectors.

It is also an in-depth study into cannabis cultivation and processing at the micro and standard levels.

The program is a pathway to learning how the Canadian cannabis industry’s regulatory framework applies to commercial cannabis production.


Cannabis Plant Science, Chemistry & Regulations

Foundation for cannabis cultivation, processing, infused product development and packaging processes.

Pathology and IMP

Cannabis plant pathology, controls, entomology and integrated pest management for high-quality products.

Cannabis Production Mechanism

Cannabis traditional indoor and outdoor cultivation processes, oil extractions, distillations, biotechnological and packaging processes up to the regulatory, technology and industry standards.

Infused Product Development – Edibles, Cosmetics and Beverages

Infused product development training includes case studies, cooking recipes for edibles, and cosmetic product development procedures.

QA and QC Systems

The importance of quality, various quality assurance systems and quality control processes critical for cannabis production processes.

QMS and GxP

All GxP requirements implemented for various Quality Management Systems (QMS) in cannabis production.

Cannabis Validation

Cannabis analytical testing method validation mandatory for GPP and EU-GMP regulatory requirements.

Cannabis Biotechnology and Tissue Culture

Scientific and technological way of making cannabis via cannabis biotechnological and tissue culture processes beneficial for licensed producers

Facility Design and Facility Management

Understand the critical and regulatory requirements of facility design and facility management to start and manage licensed operations.

Supply Chain Management

Cannabis upstream and downstream processes required to navigate entire production and distribution processes within Canada and across the international market.

Process and Systems Validation

Cannabis process-related and system validation mandatory for licensed producers to produce cannabis with high standards as per EU-GMP regulatory requirements.

Hands-on Cannabis Production Training

Industrial workshops and production practicum for the ultimate cannabis production exposure and job placement within the cannabis industry.

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The Industrial Cannabis Production Technology Program


Industrial workshops and production practicum for the ultimate cannabis production exposure and job placement within the cannabis industry.


  • This school was great. It gave me all the skills, knowledge and resources to get into the competitive cannabis industry. The school enabled me to work full time and still complete my education. I am now working as an assistant master grower for an LP and I am as happy as can be. Thanks to all the amazing professors and big thanks to the Dean for everything you have done to assist in my success. Truly thankful!

    Year 2020.

    Tyler Harrison
  • As a graduate of this school, I highly recommend the Cannabis program. I have graduated from Quality Assurance and Control program and now doing an internship provided by the school. This school provides students with all the necessary advice and assistance in taking the first steps in their career path. The advantage is also workshops in the field of entrepreneurship, resumes, and self-presentation. At school, you can meet many interesting people and get contacts. All the school staff is very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend it!

    Year 2021

    Marcin Mista
  • NACPT Pharma College is a great institution to learn all the skills that you need for Pharma and Cannabis industries through high quality education and hands on training for lab testing. I have completed my Cannabis QAQC Diploma Program and got my full time job in Cannabis Industry, so I would like to thank all the great professors for helping me to get the success.

    Year 2020.

    Maha Mutshar

NACPT is proudly a pioneer in providing unique and elegant services to our students. There are numerous valuable reasons for every student to choose
NACPT Pharma College.
The First Cannabis Post-secondary Diploma Provider in Canada! Award-Winning Career College for
“Outstanding Graduate in Healthcare”
by OCC
Placement and recruitment in top industries. Award-Winning College for 'Best Cultivation Education' by Industry Leaders #grow2019 Flexible training schedules to choose from including weekend instructions. Excellent placement training by a team of industry experts. Highly qualified instructors who are industry professionals. Additional training sessions solely to assist students' projects and queries. Well-equipped and contemporary labs for hands-on training. Job Assistance Program including one on one skill development process, resume preparation for target jobs, interview coaching, and more. NACPT Grant for financial assistance to qualified students through scholarships. Second Career Grant application assistance and guidance for eligible students. Assistance for International students by a student services team for immigration and insurance procedures.




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