Post Graduate Diploma

Medical Office Administration – Program Outline

Program Outline

Semester 1

APA001 – MS Excel

  • Advanced skills for working in Excel.

APA002 – MS Word

  • Advanced skills for creating a formatting complex business

APA003 – MS Access

  • Features of MS Access in order to maintain and manage large
    amounts of information by using relational databases.

APA004 – MS Outlook

  • Use of various modules to coordinate communications and collaborations with others.

APA005 – Study of Basic Human Anatomy

  • Introduction to Human Anatomy.
  • Basic principles of using Scientific Terminology of Medical Terms
    in Anatomy and Physiology.

Semester 2

APA006 – Clinical / Medical Procedures

  • Various Medical Procedures and Examinations.
  • Emergency Medical Procedures and guidelines for Emergency care.

APA007 – Medical Terminology

  • Introduction to medical terminology.
  • Technical and legal aspects of medical transcription.

APA008 – Stress Management

  • Various types of stress along with their symptoms.
  • Coping mechanisms.

Semester 3

APA009 – Computer Health Application Software

  • Excellent working knowledge of the OSCAR EMR.

APA0010 – QuickBooks

  • Overview of QuickBooks for accounting for small to medium-
    sized businesses.
  • QuickBooks content from the company’s perspective.

APA0011 – Resume Workshop/Interpersonal and Communications Skills

  • Writing impressive resumes and cover letters.
  • Developing interview and communication skills.

APA0012 – CPR and First Aid Certification

  • Training in CPR and first aid.
  • Emergency Care tactics.

Medical Office Administration

Credential Awarded: Post-secondary Diploma

Duration: 1 Year

Program Intakes: 

Intake 1 Mar 21, 2022
Intake 2 Mar 30, 2022
Intake 3 Aug 22, 2022

Kindly Note

Due to COVID-19, all training classes have been moved online (live, interactive, and instructor-led) or onsite until further notice. Hybrid Learning Mode will be used for programs that include hands-on training (theory will be delivered online and hands-on training will be delivered on-site). Students who wish to receive onsite instruction may request the college. Please get in touch with us for more information!

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