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What Is Cannabis Quality Assurance?

Quality assurance is the process of maintenance of the proper quality of cannabis from sowing to harvest stage while keeping up with the government norms.


Why Is It Needed?

Consumer safety is a vital component of the cannabis industry. Hence, Quality Assurance (QA) protocol must be maintained. For recreational use or medicinal use, cannabis should meet the essential requirements before being consumed by the consumer.

Demand for a Quality Assurance Person

Ever since the legalization of cannabis in Canada, there is a growing demand for Quality Assurance Person (QAP) in Canada and North America. Numerous job opportunities are opening in various pharmaceutical industries and colleges.

Goals of Quality Assurance

The goals of Quality Assurance are as follows:

  1. Guaranteeing safe.
  2. Producing consistently high-quality cannabis.

Duties of Quality Assurance Person in Canada

  1. Navigating through Health Canada’s regulations
  2. Overseeing the entire process of cannabis growth from cannabis seeds sowing to the harvest and packaging of cannabis,
  3. QA should have systems in place to prevent any potential threats to cannabis quality.

The Job of Quality Assurance Person (QAP)

The following are the jobs of the QA person:

  1. Designing and setting up the Quality Control laboratory
  2. Overseeing equipment orders
  3. Assisting in the development of quality control tests (ie; analytical and biological testing: assay of THC and CBD, residual solvent, heavy metals, pesticide residue, terpenes profile, dissolution, disintegration, foreign matters, microbiological content as well as many physical tests). Some of the tests are mandatory tests as per Health Canada’s Cannabis Regulations while others are not mandatory.
  4. Prepare monthly reports on Cannabis inventory for Health Canada.
  5. Write, review, and approve all Standard Operating Procedures.
  6. Must be familiar with Cannabis Good Product Development (GPD) and Good Product Production (GPP), Health Canada Regulations, the Cannabis Act, the Narcotic Control Regulations, Pest Control Act (PCA), and more.

Skills Required

The following skills would be helpful for anyone who is interested in becoming cannabis Quality Assurance Person (QAP) :

  1. Good self-starter
  2. Knowledge of food, agriculture, natural health product and pharmaceutical regulations
  3. Strong attention to detail
  4. Technical Writing
  5. Audit and Inspection
  6. Ability to interpret, implement company policies and procedures
  7. Team oriented
  8. Proficient with computers
  9. High ethical standards

Our Course

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