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Feb 17th to 20th, 2022
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Thursday - Sunday
9:30 AM to 4:30 PM


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Program 1

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Program 1

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Program 1

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Program Overview

The Cannabis programs at NACPT pharma College equips you with the technical knowledge and skills necessary to ensure that each cannabis product is safe and fit for sale or distribution in accordance with the Cannabis Act and Regulations.

The training will allow you to develop Good Production Practices (GPP), European Good Manufacturing Practices (EU-GMP, GxP, Quality Assurance (QA) programs and Quality Management Systems (QMS), record keeping, complaint, recall, sanitation, audit and inspection, and quality control programs as well as implement written procedures for the approval or rejection of all products, specifications, representative sampling plans, test methods, controls, results that affect the purity, quality and the composition of cannabis products, and change control, CAPA and gap analysis technical components.

4 Days of Intense Training

Day 1

Current Health Canada
Cannabis Act And Regulations,
And Licensing Processes

Day 2

Good Production
Practices (GPP)
and GxP
For Cannabis

Day 3

and Testing
Requirements for
Cannabis Production

Day 4

Technical Writing and
Establishment of Audit and
Inspection Programs for Cannabis

Learning Outcomes


Good Production Practices
Quality Assurance Programs
Quality Control (QC) Programs
Quality Management Systems
QC Testing Requirements


EU-GMP and GxP
Record Keeping
Complaint and Recall
Technical Writing


Audit and Inspection
Batch Release
Change Control
Gap Analysis

Our Campus

About Us

North American College of Pharmaceutical Technology (NACPT), established in 2009, is a leading and award-winning career college in Canada that operates under PCC Act, 2005.

As a career college we provide in-depth skill training in healthcare, medical cannabis, business, finance, travel, tourism, technology and related fields to maximize the job and business opportunities for mature students, adult learners, industry professionals, and laid-off employees. We also offer grant assistance, career counseling, job development services, campus recruitment and customized programs according to student needs.

For over ten years, NACPT has offered specialized postgraduate and post-secondary diploma programs, corporate training and hands-on training in healthcare and technical sectors. NACPT Pharma College is affiliated and partnered with leading pharmaceutical, healthcare, research, cannabis, technology, IT, facility and community organizations and related government sectors with the intention of providing job placement to our graduates.

What our Graduates say!

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  • I am absolutely honoured to have been under your study. You have shown me what a graceful, knowledgeable, highly educated woman in a leadership role acts like. I cannot wait to continue my education with your business. Your integrity and the fact that you risked your reputation and career to help improve and set standards for the cannabis industry is astounding. Thank you. Year 2019.

    Olivia Brown
  • I am from the food industry. After this training, I have in-depth knowledge and the information needed for [a career in the] Cannabis Industry. I feel like I have been fulfilled with knowledge and understanding of the regulations, responsibilities I can bring to my work to deal with challenges. Year 2019.

    Alpesh Patel
  • I worked in the pharmaceutical industry and I was looking for a career change in the cannabis industry. Excellent QA training and I appreciate the insightfulness of the requirements. Thank you, instructors, for sharing your “life experience” in the pharma/GMP/cannabis field. I truly admire your professionalism. Right after the completion of the QA training, I landed in a QA lead role in a leading cannabis company. Year 2019.

    Chandresh Vyas
  • I learned a lot….Thanks! I had no idea how complex the cannabis business was. There are so many variables and it is obvious that we are in the early making of this business. This is great for NACPT! I look forward to making this business grow. Year 2018.

  • It was a very informative and educational training. The professors did an excellent job explaining every aspect very thoroughly which made it easy to comprehend. I am happy this was done as it is one of the most essential aspects of the entire process. Year 2021

    Earlam Jermain Leon
  • This program was very detailed and specific. The teachers took their time explaining every single step throughout beginning to end. The attention to detail is very good and very patient with all students. Year 2021

    Rosa Jerez
  • I found the four day course very helpful with how the course material was relayed. The instructors were very knowledgeable and always willing to help with any questions. The instructors were very knowledgeable in cannabis and made it easy to learn and interesting online. All of them were so willing to help with any questions or concerns. Year 2021

    Tara Renwick
  • This was very helpful and informative. The teachers were great as well. 5 stars. Year 2021

    Paul DaSilva
  • This training is very helpful for me to have a deeper understanding of the QAP rules in the work and the HC requirements for Cannabis industry. Year 2021.

    Feng Jia
  • Excellent program with great insight into the industry and in-depth knowledge grasped by the end of the course. Information was delivered in a clear and understandable manner. Year 2021

    Anthony Chung-Yeung Leung
  • This course was very thorough and informative. It provides the standards needed for basic understanding of quality assurance and control functionality. Thank you! Year 2021.

    Tyler Jay Cunningham
  • The workshop was very comprehensive and full of immensely valuable information on regulatory compliance. I will use this information when i am in the workforce and feel that I will be able to speak knowledgeably about quality assurance on a fundamental level. Year 2021.

    Lynn McAllister
  • Quality Assurance webinar was very informative, and was also a nice review/more in depth of the information of some materials already covered in class. Year 2021

    Allyson Galinski
  • This was a very informative class that covered key areas of the act and regulations. The instructors were well informed on the different topics. Year 2021

    Lasoi Ketere
  • All very useful information. As a student who has taken regulations and sanitation courses, it was a lot of reviews and, in hindsight, these slide decks are helpful to learn the class content. Excellent to have this as a reference moving forward. A lot of content is practical and easily applicable in other industries.

    Natasha MacFadyen
  • The session was very good. I am surprised more people did not want to participate. So I did my best to at least try to be vocal at times to displaying that I am understanding the information. Mandatory camera for participants during ongoing session attendance should be required to make sure there is even someone on the other side listening. In my opinion the sessions were very well done and I really appreciate the time and dedication on a weekend. Thank you so much.

    Tarryn O’Sullivan
  • Helped reinforce concepts and helped me to visualize. It gave me a better idea of what to expect in the Cannabis Industry. Year 2019.

    Owen Mitchell
  • Great QA training program. Valuable Information. Year 2020.

    Fabiana Lapa
  • It was very useful and many information was covered during this training. Year 2020.

    Alireza Asghari
  • Lecture was good, including the nutritive value of food, nutrition facts table and how it impacts on the treatment of diseases especially cannabis edibles for medical purposes. HACCP analysis was very good with details, overall. Year 2019.

    Rachel Lyza
  • I compliment this pharma college for structuring this set of programs to deliver the very needed knowledge towards this amazing industry that is about to thrive. My compliments to the director and her amazing team for their professionalism. Year 2018.

    Luis Hoxha
  • I honestly think your staff did an amazing job as well as the extended classes shows your dedication to helping each student. Year 2018.

    Samir Aghabab

Our Students Interviews

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