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Accounting and Payroll Administration – Program Outline

Program Outline

Semester 1

APA001 – MS Office Access

  • In this course, students will learn the features of MS Access to
    maintain and manage large amounts of information by using
    relational databases.
  • Students will examine the basic database concepts, create and
    modify databases and their various objectives.
  • They will learn how to store, link, and manage data using a single
    relational database application and its associated tools.

APA002 – Bookkeeping and Financial Accounting Fundamentals

  • This course introduces students to bookkeeping and financial
    accounting fundamentals, the basic structure of bookkeeping
    and financial reporting, and accounting for liabilities and assets.
  • It also covers the purpose, implementation methods, and
    effectiveness of strategies involved in making sound financial

APA003 – SAGE 300 ERP (Accpac – Part 1 G/L)

  • This course is the first of three Accpac courses and concentrates
    on General Ledger (G/L).
  • Students will learn how to set up a company and chart accounts
    and enter transactions to generate financial statements.

APA004 – SAGE 300 ERP (Accpac – Part 3 A/P)

  • This course is the second of the three Accpac courses and
    focuses on Accounts Payable.
  • Students will learn how to set up the Sub ledgers, Bank and Tax
    Services, the Accounts Payable module, set up vendors and
    enter vendor information, process payments for invoices, post
    adjustments, print reports, and more.

APA005 – Canadian Tax Practice

  • The course introduces students to the fundamentals of Canadian tax law and practice concerning individuals and
  • Students will learn how to determine income taxes for business and investment activities.
  • They will also learn to analyze alternatives on an after-tax basis
    and make decisions and recommendations based on the analysis.

APA006 – SAGE 50 (Simply Accounting)

  • This course will provide students with an overview of Simply
  • Students will develop practical knowledge in setting up General
    Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll,
    Inventory, and Service modules.
  • Each lecture will introduce students to a case study to apply
    Simply Accounting from the company’s perspective.

APA007 – MS Office Word

  • This course builds advanced skills for creating and formatting
    complex business documents such as online forms,
    personalized mailings, or citing reference sources.
  • Students will also learn commands for creating and formatting
    tables, inserting and modifying pictures or shapes, merging, and
    sharing documents.
  • Besides, this course will give students an overview of the
    ongoing evolution of applications.

Semester 2

APA008 – MS Office Outlook

  • This course focuses on the structure of MS Outlook and its various modules to coordinate communications and collaborations with others.
  • Modules covered include Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, and
    Notes and other features commonly used for collaboration
    purposes such as creating and distributing lists or groups,
    cleaning up your system, marking junk mail, and how to check
    the size of your Outlook data file.

APA009 –  Business Law and Ethics

  • This course is an introduction to fundamental legal and ethical
    aspects of business operations.
  • Students will understand the Canadian legal system and how
    different forms of businesses (sole proprietorships,
    partnerships, and corporations) are regulated. Other covered
    areas include employment law, consumer law, and competition

  • The course also emphasizes the importance of ethics and social
    responsibility in business.

  • Students will learn to identify and resolve ethical issues
    encountered in enterprises through case studies.

APA0010 – Office Administration Procedures

  • This course introduces students to the best practices and digital
    tools required in office administration.
  • Students will examine various significant front office
    management elements, guest services, communication,
    document formatting, filing, and record keeping. They will also
    understand the role of Administrative Office Assistants in supporting the management team by organizing, presenting,
    distributing, archiving, and securing the information.

APA0011 – Business Communication

  • This course is designed to give students a comprehensive view
    of business communication practices and the importance of a
    well-conducted and well-managed communication process for
    the success of a business and the individual.
  • Students will learn about the various ways of ensuring the
    effectiveness of communication in different settings, media,
    forms and formats.

  • They will also learn how to build personal credibility, deliver and
    receive positive and negative feedback, improve listening skills,
    gain an appreciation of diversity in the workplace and how to
    rephrase for better relationships, deal with difficult people and
    handle negative situations.

  • The course includes interactive exercises allowing participants to
    practice and improve their communication skills.

APA0012 – Payroll Administration I

  • The course covers the basics of payroll administration. Students
    will acquire in-depth knowledge of payroll rules and regulations.
  • They will develop the ability to define employment status, pay for
    regular hours, overtime, travel, and fringe benefits, and vacation
  • Students will also be able to deal with regulations, procedures,
    and requirements for garnishments, unclaimed paychecks,
    reporting, penalty assessments, amended returns, and other
    non-routine instances.
  • They will be proficient at generating paycheque using computer

APA0013 – SAGE 300 ERP (Accpac – Part 2 A/R)

  • The course covers Employment Insurance, Canadian Pension
    Plan, and the Income Tax Act, Students will understand how to
    determine employee deductions and employers’ contributions
    to the employment insurance and pension funds.
  • Students will be able to assess income taxes and compensation
    for contracted work.
  • They will also understand how to close payroll at the end of the year.

APA0014 -Payroll Administration II

  • This course converges on Accounts Receivable operations.
  • Students will gain knowledge on maintaining an efficient record
    of client transactions and information for A/R management.
  • They will also develop the ability to navigate through Accpac to
    set up a company, setting up a G/L, producing a chart of
    accounts, and entering transactions

Semester 3

APA0015 – Bookkeeping and Financial Accounting Intermediate

  • This course is Part II of two introductory bookkeeping and
    financial accounting courses that will help provide insight
    into bookkeeping and financial accounting in the context of why it exists, its implementation, its effectiveness in making
    financial decisions, and the evolution of accounting.
  • The course will cover two main topics: (1) accounting for
    partnerships and corporate transactions, and (2) analysis of
    accounting information. In understanding the basic
    accounting structure, students will learn about partnerships,
    corporations, the statement of retained earnings, long-term
    liabilities, investments, and international operations.

APA0016 – Quickbooks

  • This course will provide students with an overview of
    QuickBooks for accounting for small to medium-sized
  • Students will develop practical knowledge of setting up new
    files, creating a company, creating a chart of accounts,
    accounting for routine and unusual transactions.
  • Each lecture will introduce students to a unique real-world
    case study, and students will have the opportunity to walk
    through the QuickBooks content from the company’s

APA0017  – MS Office Excel

  • Students will gain advanced skills working in Excel with a
    wide range of business documents while building and
    working with financial models, carrying out detailed data
    analysis, and automating tasks by recording macros.
  • Students will learn to use advanced formatting features,
    create and manipulate charts, work with different graphics
    types, and use various analyzing, organizing, linking, and
    sharing workbooks.

APA0018 – MS Office PowerPoint

  • MS PowerPoint 2010 teaches students how to create and manage presentations using various core and intermediate
  • Some topics, although appearing to be related to basic skill
    sets, are discussed in more detail, exploring at a higher level
    different options that can be chosen or applied for that skill

APA0019 – Business Mathematics

  • Business Mathematics introduces basic mathematical concepts and methods used in the fields of business and
  • Students will learn the mathematics involved in payroll,
    retailing, asset valuation, interest, finance, and the time
    value of money.
  • The course also emphasizes percentages, interest, discounts,
    the arithmetic of payroll, taxes, trade and cash discounts,
    retail prices, consumer credit, and simple interest.

APA0020 – Employment Success Strategies

  • In the competitive business world, students must be ready to
    present themselves to employers professionally.
  • Employment Success Strategies is a detailed study of how to
    write impressive and effective resumes and cover letters.
  • This course also prepares students for individual and group
    interview skills.

APA0021 – Student Success Strategies

  • This course focuses on strategies for increasing student
    success in college and life.
  • The course explores methods for choosing and developing
    effective academic, self-awareness, and self-management
  • Students will learn how to become an integral part of the
    college community and maximize their learning capacities.
  • They will know how to use college resources and build
    relationships with fellow students and instructors.
  • The course also emphasizes understanding human
    interdependence diverse cultures, values, and college
    community perspectives.
Accounting and Payroll Administration

Accounting and Payroll Administration

Credential Awarded: Post-secondary Diploma

Duration: Full-time / 10 months

Program Intakes: 

Intake 1 Mar 21, 2022
Intake 2 May 30, 2022
Intake 3 Aug 22, 2022


Kindly Note

Due to COVID-19, all training classes have been moved online (live, interactive, and instructor-led) or onsite until further notice. Hybrid Learning Mode will be used for programs that include hands-on training (theory will be delivered online and hands-on training will be delivered on-site). Students who wish to receive onsite instruction may request the college. Please get in touch with us for more information!

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