The college provided great assistance in finding job

22-08-17 Pharma College Admin

Atiyatul Qadeer Pharmaceutical CollegeAfter exhaustive search for the suitable job, when I attended the counseling session at NACPT, I realized that this is the place I have been looking for to upgrade my skills in order to establish my career in the Industry. Not only the college administration  facilitated easier fulfillment of the financial requirements bit also they offers great flexibility in the schedule making it comfortable to attend all the classes. The instructors were always ready to clarify our doubts and provided in-depth knowledge of the subject. I found the “Modern Technology” program quite comprehensive, well planned and well-taught and I would recommend it to all the new science graduates seeking to enter the pharmaceutical industry. The college also provided great assistance in finding job after completion of the program. I am truly grateful to the director of NACPT and the whole team for their tremendous support, help and guidance which enabled me to go through the hiring process successfully. I wish them all the success in the future.

Program enrolled at NACPT: Industrial Pharmaceutical & Bio Pharmaceutical Modern Technology

Company: Apotex Inc.

Position: QC Chemist

Date: 22-02-2017