NACPT have programs you could pursue while working full- or part-time

16-08-17 Pharma College Admin

I like the fact that the program was flexible and class sizes were small. It’s a program you could pursue while working full- or part-time, and it’s very easy to ask questions or get clarifications on issues. I think there are a lot of colleges that don’t really provide the knowledge in exchange for the money invested by students, which makes people wary of attending private colleges. However, I got the knowledge that was promised from NACPT. For new science graduates with no industrial experience, it is helpful to learn about the GMP, GLP etc. standards which are essential to the pharmaceutical industry and are not taught in most university science programs.

Certificate enrolled at NACPT: GMP & GCP

Company: Baylis Medical Corp.

Position: Regulatory & Scientific Affairs Assistant

Date: 13-05-2013