OW Program


Individual Services and Supports

If you receive social assistance you may be eligible for help with training costs through Individual Services and Supports (ISS).

The goal of ISS is to help you get the training you need to become employed in a specific industry.

You may be eligible for ISS if:

  • Your are legally able to work in Canada
  • You have invested other funding options, such as Second Career, and are note eligible for any of these options

Speak to your caseworker. Together you will decide if ISS is the right option for you.

If ISS seems to be the right option, you will be asked to provide:

    1. Labour market research showing that the course you wish to take will help you find employment. For example, you can provide job ads that ask for a skill you don’t have but would obtain through the course.
    2. Details about the school you are interested in, showing that it meets the eligibility criteria below (You can often find this information on a schools website)
    3. A letter from your preferred school, showing that you have been accepted into the course, including details such as start dates and a cost breakdown.

    NOTE: If the cost of tuition fee is $1000 or less, research 1 school that offers the course you wish to take. If the cost of tuition is more than $1000 research 2 schools.

Course or programs of study must:

  • last 8 months or less
  • cost no more than $7,500
  • not be eligible for OSAP funding (nor equivalent to an OSAP-funded course)

Schools must:

  • be located in the City of Toronto (unless an equivalent course is not available within the city)
  • have been delivering training for at least one year
  • if the school is a private career college:

Both the school and the course must be registered with the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. (Note that some exemptions apply. For example single skills training courses and courses under $100 do not have to be registered.)

NOTE: If the course you have found is longer than 8months, please consult with your caseworker before moving forward with any research.

If your caseworker determines that all the information you submitted meets the criteria, you will be advised that you can register for the course.

  • If the school has a registration fee, speak with your caseworker
  • please make sure that the start date you have registered for is at least two weeks in the future to allow time for the request to be reviewed
  • after registering provide the acceptance letter to your caseworker
  • once the acceptance letter is submitted to your caseworker, the ISS request can be reviewed
  • do not begin the course unless you have received notification that ISS funding request has been approved

If your request is approved the funds will be issued directly to you. You must then provide a receipt to your caseworker within 15 days.