International Student Services

International Students Assistance

We have a dedicated team to support international students to provide information and resources to support academic objectives and career counseling. Students are offered services as per their requirement. Our services vary from housing to city exploration for new comers.

  1. Housing
  2. Health Insurance
  3. Travel Insurance
  4. Community Connections
  5. Immigration Consultation Services
  6. Language Training
  7. Transportation
  8. City Exploration
  9. Other relevant services, as needed

Exam Preparation Assistance

We assist people with exam preparation for language (IELTS) and Pharmacy Licensing exams, especially the new comers and immigrants struggling to adapt to the new country and looking for specific skills to obtain a job.

Job Assistance and Guidance

Our Career Counsellors are trained to speak, understand, identify and advise individuals about their requirements and guide them through the process from preparing CV, Job Searching, and Connect with industry, Co-op, Internship, Job Application, Interview Training etc.

Hands-on Training

Our programs are designed based on industrial updates, current regulation and industrial instrumentation such as: High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) & Gas Chromatography (GC), to provide students with the necessary hands-on training skills to succeed in the industry.

Financial Assistance/ Scholarship

We work with students to offer scholarships and government funding like Ontario Works, Employment Centers, Second Career, WSIB to continue the post graduate studies in NACPT. This is especially helpful for the new comers, laid off workers who are in need of financial assistance to continue their daily life and career progress. Click here for more information.


At NACPT, we offer internship to our students in order to get them acquainted with work place environment in Canada. This is an excellent opportunity for the students to learn and acquire skills that they will need for their future job.