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UPCOMING WORKSHOPS – Medical Cannabis Training

May 31 @ 9:30 am - 5:00 pm

The Professional Series of Medical Cannabis Training program is developed by an expert team to address the growing need for education & training in cannabis sector.”


Our Mission

The series of Medical Cannabis training focuses on various modules from how to grow Marijuana legally, how to become licensed producers (LP), various processes related to pharmaceutical medical cannabis product development and clinical research activities, regulatory and legal realities associated with the start-up companies and medical practitioners.
We can provide the necessary skills for you to succeed in Medical
Cannabis Sector!

In only 1 to 2 days you can have all the information you need!
Certificate of completion for specific training will be given to trainees upon completion of each workshop.

Upcoming Workshops

CAN00013: Medical Cannabis Process Related Validation


Workshop Overview:

Cannabis process validation covers the qualification of seed, cultivation, and drying and extraction process.

The workshop will include:

Process Performance Qualification

Current FDA/Health Canada regulations

Bulk hold time study

Stability study

Master validation plan

Packaging validation

Validation protocol

Sampling and testing plan

Cleaning Validation

Facility/utility/computer validation

Method validation

Other related topics







CAN00017: Cannabis Sativa Plant Biotechnology



Workshop Overview: 

Fermentation scale-up for plant propagation and production of cannabinoid terpenes

The workshop will include:

Principles of in-vitro culture
Propagation phases and start-up of a healthy culture
Scale-up in fermenters
Production and characterization of cannabinoid terpene secondary metabolites
Establishment and validation plan for the manufacturing process
Quality assurance / Quality control of the process, in-process and release tests
Critical Process Attributes, Critical Process Parameters and Material specifications for initial, in-process and final products in compliance with FDA/BGTD requirements



CAN0002: Facility Set-Up, Security and Plant Management


Cannabis facility set-up marijuana


Workshop Overview:
Set-up of full-scale production operation with appropriate techniques and regulatory requirements

The workshop will include:
Identify the key differences in plant characteristics Identifying healthy plant roots and unhealthy plant roots
Learn treatment techniques for ideal yield
Pest management via various methods
Soil control in plant production
Optimize the environment for healthy root production
How to manage your site and maintain the security for better performance and regulatory compliance
Growing mediums and hydroponic systems
Master Production Record – Propagation, Cultivation and Extraction
Irrigation options and techniques
Drying and storage procedures
Health Canada Regulations
Other related topics


CAN00018: Medical and Recreational Marijuana at Workplace



Workshop Overview:
Is your organization ready to face the realities of medical and recreational marijuana at the workplace?

The workshop will include:
Do you understand the application of Marijuana as of today?
Are your policies and procedures up-to-date?
How to handle your employees?
What is the potential impact on your organizational culture and diversity?
The implications and practical applications of Bill C-45— The Cannabis Act
Understanding the potential impact on workplace productivity and safety
The employer’s duty to accommodate medical marijuana in the workplace
Private behavior and your public brand
A critical look at workplace policies and procedures as they relate to the
recreational use of marijuana
Testing into the workplace— can you or should you do it?
The social implications within the workplace culture
Best practices to engage all stakeholders







Training Team

Professional Series of Medical Cannabis Training is developed by an expert team to address the growing need for education in Medical Cannabis sector.

NACPT Pharma College alongside ValidationTech Inc. has a wide range of industry experts prepared to give the best training and education in Medical Cannabis Sector.

The Training is provided by:

  • CEO’s of Cannabis Companies
  • Former Health Canada Director
  • Cannabis Production Directors
  • Validation Specialists
  • Senior Scientist
  • Cannabis Product Developers
  • Quality Assurance Persons
  • Technical Writers
  • Marketing Directors
  • Senior Clinical Research Associates
  • Cannabis Medical Doctors and Nurses


Visit for more information: 

Professional Series Of Medical Cannabis


Contact us at:

Email: info@nacptpharmacollege.com or
Phone: 416-412-7374


May 31
9:30 am - 5:00 pm
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