Alumni Ambassador Program at NACPT

An Alumni Ambassador is a NACPT graduate who will positively promote NACPT to employers in the employment sectors, potential students and their parents; represent NACPT at various local functions, and help fellow NACPT alumni/students in their region.

NACPT graduates are working in Canadian leading pharmaceutical, healthcare, food, cosmetic, technical, nutraceutical and research sectors.  Our proud graduates are recognized by their industry and now we can call them as an industry expert! NACPT Alumni are a critical component of NACPT growth and development.



Roles and Responsibilities:

To act as a liaison between Alumni in your region and Alumni Relations by:

  • Assisting Alumni Relations with events they host in your region
  • Presenting industrial updates as a guest speaker
  • Participating in the mentoring events
  • Connecting with/sending emails to alumni in their region
  • Organizing network events within industries/health care sectors
  • Providing country/cultural information to visitors from NACPT
  • Prior to Student Recruitment’s travels and during planning, connect with Student Recruitment to share regional intel (upon request)


Promote NACPT by:

  • If requested by Student Recruitment, meet or speak informally with prospective students in your area about your NACPT student experience
  • Being a social media ambassador for the region, if requested by Alumni Relations and/or Student Recruitment


Represent NACPT at local functions such as:

  • Events at the Canadian Embassy/High Commission in the area upon request from Alumni Relations
  • Be involved with local All-Canadian activities if possible
  • Attend Chancellor installations upon request

Serve as a point of contact:

  • For alumni who may be traveling/moving/or living in the area
  • For NACPT administrators, faculty, staff, students visiting your region
  • Welcoming co-op or exchange students who come to the region
  • Sharing your NACPT living in Toronto experiences with potential students in a manner that is in line with NACPT’s goals and mission
  • Respond to requests by Student Recruitment representatives by email, phone, or in-person casual meetings to share your NACPT experience and your career path


Alumni Relations will:

  • Gather Alumni Ambassador applications, review them, and contact the alumni regarding the status of their application.
  • We will publish the Alumni Ambassadors name, program, year, and contact info on the Alumni Ambassador webpage, and on Alumni Relations social media.
  • Let the Alumni ambassador know how many alumni live with in their region, and work with them to connect with those alumni.
  • Connect the Alumni Ambassador with resources, and contacts regarding Admissions and Recruitment activities in their region, when appropriate
  • Let the ambassador know of any NACPT activities/initiatives/news within their region
  • Identify and recruit Alumni Ambassadors for regions which relate to student recruitment efforts, co-op opportunities, and student exchange opportunities


 Note from Head of Alumni Ambassador:

Thank you for your interest in the formation of the Alumni Ambassadors program at NACPT.

To date, we have Alumni Ambassadors in many countries and we look forward to expanding the program with your support. Please apply to get involved with this program by applying online or submitting theAlumni Ambassador Application Form.

The Alumni Ambassador program is not intended to facilitate solicitation related to business purposes. If you are experiencing this type of communication, please contact Perihan Abdel-Meguid at